Gold Spike and Oil Spike

Oil spiking up as well;range=1d/image;size=239x110

A lot of unrest in the world and gold and oil reflect just that.

I’ve been begging members of this message board to buy gold since it was at $800.

I’m into silver now.

Nick what is the best way to buy silver? Any recommendations?

Silver is silver. The raw metal doesn’t know what it has been minted into. But…I like coins, not bars… and I like U.S. or Canadian. My reasoning: If the SHTF, the general public understands that coins have value, but that isn’t necessarily their perception of bars. Also, presumably you’ll want to use them for trade in N. America where again, the general public prefers U.S. or Canadian. Always think exit strategy with every investment.

I was looking into this the other day. Better place to buy them? A website online? I am looking to invest a few bucks into this and since you are the master of precious metals…can you give me an insight where to buy them?


A local coin shop generally has a couple advantages, one being lower premium (the price you pay for the coin above the melt price of the metal, which is about $39/ounce today). Also, there isn’t the cost or risk of shipping. Also, there is no paper trail if you pay cash and carry.

Stick to bullion. Don’t pay for numismatic value unless you really know what you are doing. You can tell the difference by the premium which should be about $1.50/ounce for bullion.

Precious metals are a particularly good way for inspectors to store wealth because the ownership of the asset and appreciation of the asset is not documented.

I like the way you think Nick.

Well, I’m not saying my thinking is for everyone. For instance, I think diversification is the second stupidest concept ever invented. Dollar cost averaging is the all time stupidest concept.

I don’t believe in diversification. I play the hot hand and I play it heavy until I find a hotter hand.

I don’t believe in dollar cost averaging. I buy low and sell high.

If you ever find yourself in a chair in one of these investment advice franchises that intentionally name their companies after plain-sounding male names (Smith Barney, Raymond James, Edward Jones, etc.) and the dimwit across the desk from you uses the phrase “dollar cost averaging”… just get up and leave, and take your money with you.

Now, since I mentioned playing hot hands… I really like physical silver.

Gold broke another all-time high again today. This is getting wild.

Another reason I like precious metals: If your house catches on fire and your safe burns to ashes, your gold will melt into… gold.

I called a coin shop and they said each coin was $44. Man I want in! But not at that price!

That’s because the world is almost out of silver. Price of silver is going to da moon!

For all those wanting to invest in gold, see what Oh Bummer is going to do to you.

Just makes it so you don’t have pieces of paper that say you own gold. Isn’t it better to own the real thing? Eventually there’ll be more pieces of paper that say ‘gold’ on it than there is actual gold.


Gulf coast coin and jewelry
Bonita and Ft Myers
you can buy junk coins there too
few buck cheaper - morgans usually 1800’s date
we’ve been happy with their prices for years, gold or silver