Crack in poured wall,leak under beamer

Waterproof the crack OUTSIDE.
He may also have 1 or more exterior openings/gaps above the basement wall.

Sometimes its 1+ openings around,under a basement window.
Sometimes its 1 or more cracks in bricks or mortar joints…and so on.
Find em all, fix em all.

Job would cost between $1,000 and 1,200. If he had somewhere to put the soil in yard, behind garage etc etc then i’d save his az (reduce cost) $275.

Could he opt for an injection that will likely cost around $600? Sure lol
But throughout 35 yrs, have repeatedly seen 1/2 of all interior injections re-leak so Bubba doesn’t recommend these kinds of poor results eh, but as always, do what ya like, they do anyways.

Hmmm, $600 ish for what? How much in materials? How much time, labor?
Versus, hand-digging all the way down (a lot more labor than many think), hauling that soil away $$, having gravel delivered $$, then the tar n other little sht.
That’s ALOT more in materials than your weak az injection.and MUCH more labor. I have 1 or 2 guys with me on small jobs and I don’t pay them cheap like inside terds do. That’s where the money goes people,it doesn’t all go in Bubba’s pocket…eh.

Oh, ummm duh by duh way, sometimes I have to pay for a city permit, yeah they want some of your cash eh. For nothing either.
And unlike some, am licensed and pay for friggin insurance so ummm, theres more $