Equestrian Thermal Survey Clarksville TN; ITC Level II field assignment

I received a call from a client whom I had performed an IR Thermal Home Inspection for who had a Horse that became lame in the right front leg.

So began my Flir-ITC Level II infrared thermal imaging field assignment;


there were some surprising results…

Nice job David!!!

Looks good, David, well done. :smiley:

Good job Buddy may make a Horseman out of you yet:D:D:D:D

Very cool


Nice job. Think about making up a brochure and hand delivering it along with with your sample report to local vets. My vet was pretty excited when I showed her some sample photos and offered to keep brochures in the office.

Horses make interesting subjects, because the source of the problem is often not where it appears to be. I did a scan of a lame horse last year that the owner thought was having a problem in the stifle, however the scan showed a point of inflamation much higher on the hind quarter.




Excellent Equestrian report, David.

Remember the arthritic horse that I scanned last year?