Looking for an Experienced Animal IR Guy

I received a call from a local University a couple of days ago asking about IR imaging and an animal study they want to do on suckling calves.

If any of you guys have experience i would sure enjoy talking to you.

Give me a call or post here so I can call you and discuss.

No money involved for either of us.

Just doing the local U a favor in tracking down some information.


135 looks and not a single IR guy knows anything?

I seem to recall some pics a while back.

If I remember correctly, David Anderson did some training on IR, may have done his Level I or II paper on the livestock side. Don’t know if is was horses only or not.

Dave owns horses and has done equestrian IR.

Dave is in Arizona. :slight_smile:


I will have to call him.

I think he is out working with Dale for now.

I’ve been looking for him on the board but not so far.

It’s actually interesting and I am glad to track it down for the U.

My nephew has done some IR work and quite a bit of analysis of race track soil density on the impact on horse hoofs. I can put you in touch if you think it will help.

Email me directly if you want to discuss further.

Thank kenton.

This has to do with imaging the calf as it is eating using different methods.

You mean imaging different stages of eating? Of what happens to what it eats?

Specifically where the milk goes. Which chamber?

I don’t think it would work with my camera as there is too much skin and fat between the warm milk and which chamber of the calf it ends up in to get a delta T

But I said I would try to track it down for her.

There is some chatter in the industry between bucket feeding and teat feeding efficiency.

Sounds fun to investigate by I think tracking radio isotopes would be more useful based on my former career.

I still would love to hear other opinions.

Don’t think I can help, Mike.

Thanks for trying Kenton

At least it’s not imaging excrement:p

Well that would have delta t

Is the milk going to be at a substantially different temperature than the calf that’s consuming it? How much live meat with blood flowing through it is there between a calf stomach and the hide?

I’m having trouble conceiving how this test would work.

Now if we can freeze the calf and then feed it lots of very hot milk…

You have the same concerns I do and I explained that to the young lady.

BTW-Cows have a four chamber digestive system but supposedly liquid milk only ends up in a certain one.

A Barium solution or similar added to the milk may be the way to go. An x-ray or ultrasound could be used to track the path.

I agree.

Radio isotopes or xrays and a contrast medium make more sense.