ESA Mold Inspector course

Does anyone have any feedback on the classroom ESA mold inspector course?
I was thinking about taking it,

They are pretty good courses, compared to what is out there.

They are even better at spamming all of my email addresses. I have sent multiple requests to cease and desist and to remove me from all mailing lists, but they continue.

Good luck once they get their clutches into you!!!

I do know what you mean.

But I do need to start getting more educated in mold, and a good classroom instruction is hard to come by up here in Seattle.

ESA has been calling me for the last few months. As many as three times a week. I kept on telling them about a scam artist inspector, who claimed he was certified by ESA and some other organizations that do not even certify mold inspectors. I actually got to go around behind this clown the correct the things he missed; families actually have to pay to have the mold removed twice because they are still sick after he clears a job. He has no business calling himself a mold inspector. I told ESA that I told them about this guy about 2-3 years back and nothing has happened, so why should I pay for their certification if this guy can just claim to be a member. So I get a call today saying that ESA sent this scam artist a letter and they are giving me an ultimatum. Either I joined ESA or they will let him join. I made it very clear to them, that I would not join or take any more of their classes if he joined, and I would not join as long as he still claims he is a member. They said then the other guy joins then. I chewed on that ESA guy’s butt because he welched on our deal. I personally did not like them extorting me for a membership fee like they did. It proves that that organization does not care about the quality of members, just the money. Sad but true.

Another string here on how many members feel about them .
This one has gone on for years

I agree and have been getting e-mail every week. I am about to put them on ignore.

They’ve been spamming my e-mail as well since I joined interNachi.

Go to the Vegas COA Inspection conference:

Dom, I might have missed it but I do not see a mold class at this conference?

Who extorted you im just curious i will have this problem addressed if you have the gentleman’s name.

The name is Frank and I would not call him a gentleman. He told me he got the approval from his own superiors. Also if you can have him stop texting me, I would appreciated. I got about a dozen texts from him, if you want proof. I got just three texts from him this week. I had already called your office twice, a couple weeks back, to tell them to stop texting me.
Your company has got good classes, but the way you guys hound us inspectors need to stop. There is a pretty big thread in the private section of this message board, where others are claiming about the spamming and texting.

I have accepted him on the OntarioAchi site but I will not allow him to keep posting it and then sending it to all the contacts.

Well, I have been having a issue getting a refund from this out of touch company(ESA) . They (Aaron) talked me into cancelling another class to take his class. Then they rescheduled it. I have not been able to get my money refunded for 2 months now. I have complained to Aaron and ESA yet no one has contacted me to say it has been taken care of, i could never run a business like that.
. I get BS from him talking like " I will talk to the Vice president and call you back" But never a call back and still no refund. ESA is very poorly organized. Over charged my card to begin with. I had to call my credit card company to my $$$ back. They have simply wasted my time.
I hope they dont ask me to do anything with them again.

They are the biggest spamming Assss Hats on the net and for that rteason alone I would never give them 1 cent of my money no matter what they offer. If you do then they won.


No kidding.

Often several times a day. :frowning:

They are now on my spam list.

Do yourself a favor, and put anything to do with ESA on IGNORE.

ESA is a BBB member and a complaint can be filed for spamming too.

Ims laboratory and NAMP offer an awesome class in the classroom setting. I have used a few different places but nothing compares to the professionalism of these guy’s. When it comes to testing services and education they are second
to none.


Frank is emailing me again. Tell him to stop it! You may applaud and embrace his crooked tactics, I do not. That Frank at your organization needs to leave me alone after the crap he pulled with me.