Etching on the windows for wind mitigation inspection

Hi everyone,
During wind mitigation inspection I ran into this etching here attached and I’m trying to see if it’s impact rated.
Can anyone tell me?
Also, when we find in kitchen all the cabinets upgraded and new countertop, pretty new appliances and sink would you consider this being remodeled? And if the home is built in 1984 and does not have GFCI protected outlet close to the sink, but again eveything has been changed, however there is no permit on website, do you guys call this out in the 4 Point Inspection, or you rather call it grand-fathered ?
Carmen Roman

I don’t see any impact rating on that.
Not being a home inspection, I do not call lack of GFCI protection on the 4 Point.
That’s a design factor.
It’s more of a factual list of what is present & deficient.

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What marc said!

If this was a full inspection, I would call out the lack of gfci (everywhere at counters, not just by the sink), and I would make a general comment that it appears to have been done without permits for that reason.
But not for the 4 point. It doesn’t ask about that

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Understood. How about for the home built after 1987 when per NEC codes thos was actually mandatory? You won’t call out an outlet next to sink not even for homes newer than 1987? On the 4 Point, I mean? Isn’t it a hazard? Outlet operates but it’s not GFCI protected and should be, otherwise why do NEC would enfore the codes?

Insurance standards don’t always line up with Building code. I fill the form out with the information they ask for. With that said, I agree with the other comments, if this were a full home inspection it would defiantly be called out.


So, it is only important part of the time? You better hope that some lawyer never does a search on what you post. Are you sure you want to say that publically? Just sayin

Maybe you should research what a 4 point inspection is. And while you are at it, since you are so good with arguing with county officials, maybe you could get them to design a better template for every item that they want reported on the form.

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I have a good one coming up. My 68 year old client is buying a $500K+ home from a well known custom builder. I know the CBO, and he knows more than me, but he thinks that his word is the last word. Well there is more than the building code. See, I know case law.

More to inspecting than knowing the code.

Tempered glazing is not impact rated