Ever Have the Resident Spy on You While You Were Inspecting?

Had the sense that I was being watched…


151116-DSCN8418crop (Small).jpg

prolly wanting to sell You insurance…

Just another lizard skinned Texan! :wink:

Actually, there have been times when whatever room I happened to be in,
all of a sudden POOF the seller appeared quickly. :roll:

Did you try to lift his head up?

With all the internet cameras available today, no telling how many homeowners have video of Inspectors.


all inspections I do I presume I’m on video.

So, no nose picking nor scratching balls while inspecting…

It’s my nose and my Balls and I will do what I want with them and when I feel like doing it.:smiley:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2m7Z0OvGX4 :wink:

Just don’t pee in the bucket…

That made me laugh!

These guys were checking out my babe today:p

Yes but you might get PO’d when you see yourself on TV.

Killer photo. Clear, sharp, good colors.

Roy doesn’t mind being on TV…

Did you see the pic of him at his last inspection?? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:



I have certainly had sellers hanging over my shoulder. But never any so green