Some have balls

Hi Guys, long time no see ! loll

A few weeks ago a received a phone call from an agent. he said:
-You need to change the inspection report. beacause your client wants a price reduction because of the roof.

note that the house was 10 y.o. and the shingles where cuppling and had shrinked, they had about 3/4 inch gap between them

back to the agent, I did some reaserch, and it is normal that in winter the shingles shrinks a little…

I replied, Let’s say you are right, and by the way, there is no chance in hell that i’m changing anything, nothing tells me that they where not like that last summer so… i reported on the present condition and the condition is : the shingles shows couppling and shrinkage…if you feel i’m wrong, you should print your reaserch, sign it with your agent number and give it to my client and tell him look, i did the reaserch and everything is normal.

this way, if the roof leaks in a year, my client will call YOU not ME.

He never called me back


The builder calls me !!!:shock: AND HE IS PISSED.

You are talking **** about my company he said…***I made over 1000 constructions and my roofs last 35 years.

***Have you seen the pictures? i said

***No. i will recieve the report in an hour, stay close to the phone, we have unfinished buisiness you an I

***He never called back…

I love my job, but i hate dealing with idiots…

Got to love it.

Did a pre-deliv on a new house last week with the builder hanging on over my shoulder. He heard me say to the purchaser; “We have a problem with the exhaust fan in the upper bath, it’s …” At this point he jumped in and declared “There is nothing wrong with that fan, I put it in myself!”

We proceeded upstairs to the bathroom and I asked him to switch the fan on to demonstrate that there was ‘no problem’. Well the problem with the fan was that there wasn’t one! I said to him; “I’m not sure where you installed that fan but it sure wasn’t in here.”

The builder left in a hurry. I don’t think he likes me anymore. :frowning:

Love it! I had my client’s agent and the listing agent gang up on me earlier in the week over two flat roofs over a “cosmetic garage” that were oddly separated by a ridge. The one connected to the house had a pond easily 2 inches deep and covering 80% of the roof. The ridge was damming the water, stopping it from flowing to the newer, add on roof. They kept trying to down play it to the client, they tried to pin me down with, “how long will it last?” And “how much to fix?”
Poor water flow - no big deal.
Ungrounded outlets - so what?
Add on flat roof with no additional structural improvements - there’s no sagging
Poor grading with some spalling - you guys always point this out

Vermiculite insulation - whats that? how do you fix it? could we be breathing it right now? The client agent went outside and wouldn’t come back in. (imagine if WE did that) Standing from the front door, he went on," so make sure this goes in the report, do you know anyone we can call for testing? How much to remove? Can you put the estimate in the report
blah blah blah. Farging salesmen!

My client was nice enough to acknowledge I was doing my job for HIM, not the agents.

Damn, venting feels good. I should do this more often!

I try to never get in a confirmation with the agent .
I turn my back and just look my client in the eyes and let him know what I have found .
Some times I have to walk around so the agent can not get in my line of site .
They usually get the message and shut up.
If the agent continues I just remind them I an not allowed to give you any info I am working for the purchaser

last week…loll

i said to client :
in the basement bathroom : you have high humidity in the ceilling, it may come from the bathroom above.

Agent : No there’s not!! (he didnt even let me fisnished…)

i replied : well is hard to argue with the infrared camera and the moisture metre showing 89%

He said : Ho!

Hey Patrick, just checked your site. Very sleek and sexy. Very prof. Nice job. May I ask who/how it was built?



I agree Roy, its really not worth it and brings one down to their level. Sadly I must admit when this client agent got ingnorant with me, I dished it backed. We were outside, me, the client and the agent all discussing the ponding. Spent a soild 5 minutes on this. Later insid,e same agent starts poking me about the lack of an issue it was (in front of the listing agent, and now they’re smirking at me, smiling at each other). Client agent then plays dumb (for the entertainment of the listing agent I believe) and asks me, " So what can be done, how much, how long before it collapses? So, poiltely I say, “Don’t you remember discussing when we were outside?”
“I wasn’t really paying attention” he replies. "
“You should start listening then” I told him. He didn’t like that and told me to go back to inspecting. I didn’t let it go any further.
I can handle one agent no trouble, but two, mixed with their mightier than thou rhetoric really pissed me off. I am simpy amazed how used house salesmen have this self induced prestige.


Thx Mark!!

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Patrick, that is a great site (even though I could only understand a small portion of it). Do you have an English version?

MAN I WISH I HAD THE TIME TO DO IT…cant even go to the bathroom…loll

serously, i’m planing an english verion…as soon as i can:mrgreen: