Homeowner here spent $16,000 on this water diverting crap? holyyyyyy

hahahaaa, what a scam, total incompetence or…just another lying scammer.
This crap was done approx. 6–7 years ago, see the drain tile around perimeter of house (hahaha!!!) and they poured a walkway around 1/2 of house, play the patio, pfft. Basement leaks, it leaks because there are multiple cracks in the foundation wall (poured) and because water Is getting in through multiple openings ABOVE the foundation wall such as cracked, deteriorating mortar joints, bricks, openings around around windows, dryer vent etc etc and these BUMS put in drain tile and concrete???

~ smh ~
Note: Lost the Audio at about the 1:02 mark, Mark.

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yeah lol, Bubbamilk not as good with videos, sorry, the other ways water is getting in are through direct openings into house along and ABOVE grade level, getting in through cracked, deteriorating mortar joints, bricks, around windows etc… tuckpointing and caulking needs, plus proper exterior waterproofing.

Looks like the concrete around back was sloped toward the house… looks like water was just laying there instead of running away from the house… 16k wasted…