Leaky wet basement Lake Orion Michigan

Homeowners called me AFTER calling 2 interior drainage system liars who told her she needed their INT system, one told her she needed a partial system $12,000 and Everdry told her full 23,000, this sht happens all the time and all over the USA

she had ONE (1) leaky area

see the pipe, see the water on floor?

i explained to her that she has some ext openings around that pipe and that is where the water was first getting in and that ext waterproofing of this lone area was all that was needed, 20 yr guarantee

start hand digging and find Mr Builder or whoever poured concrete here, lol hey dispose of the garbage elsewhere you cheap sht

ummmm, the ext of pipe, wall hmmmmm what could be lurking, OPEN.

b i n go, b i n go, b i n g o and BINGO was the truth, from an honest contractor… EH?

found a few more problems she had

job was done yrs ago for $1,500 — 1,500 to STOP the water versus $12,000 or 23,000 to allow it in, gee you tell me pretty please

what would Mr Gibson or Mr Gay recommended? Adding soil n RAISE grade? lol Get 29 mile long downspout extensions? Pour MORE concrete? lolollll

Do you want the problem (s) fixed correctly or do you wanna fart around n play surface water diverting games, j kristmas