Every book has been shipped

Every book has been shipped. This book.

How do you like the price?

To get the price low - Nick and I came up with a few ways to have the book subsidized.

This book will dress up your inspection report, reduce your liability after an inspection, and get you more inspection work from local real estate offices.

An essential marketing tool for - $1.99](http://www.nachi.org/now)

Did you include the copies you promised to those who helped you proofread and edit it?

I shipped those first Jim. You got a bunch coming to you. You should have them tomorrow.

Thanks, Nick.

Jim - I got mine yesterday\:D/

Those were packaged and mailed first.

To everyone who purchased at least 100 books, I’ll send a link to the free training video in a few days. Thank you.


Got my free books for helping proof read, thanks, they look great!

Proof it again Mike. We have a 2nd Edition coming out. I’ll ship you some of those for free too.

I got mine today Ben, very well done, I am surprised at how fast you did this! Great job, thanks, Kenn

The snail mail has arrived…

Thanks Ben,

I thought this was going to be a little booklet…YIKES! Talk about information…

You have raised the Inspection standards bar even higher. I suggest every inspector read this thick book chocked with information too … Over 100 pages!!!

I may need a bigger ring binder to give to my clients…


Patrick, your name was misspelled on the shipping label. I know because I hauled them all onto the trucks. I keep thinkin’ there is an “n” in there. I remember you telling me in Chicago that there isn’t. Am I the only one who seems to want to spell your last name with an “n” or do you get this all the time?

Ben and all involved with your book.

I received my books today. I am looking over the context as I type.

First I want to congratulate Ben. Congrats!!

Secondly I have been ordering a manual for AHIT for about 5 years. Books costs 3.50 for 100. http://www.ahit.com/products/reportforms/homemaint_manual.htm

The Nachi book cost me $200 for 110 books and no shipping. So I saved $200.

I have briefly looked at the book and it is as good or better than the AHIT one. One item I would ask for in a new edition.

Could at each end of a chapter a blank page be added for the owner to add information on maintenance. Say they replaced a water heater they could add the date of the install, cost, ect…

I have an idea for a book if anyone cares to here about it. I could never do a book my grammar is to lousy, but I have some ideas.

Ben do you have a link for the JPG I would be honored to add this to my front page of my site.

Great job!!

Oh, when the post office delivered the carrier mentioned the postage was very cheap for the amount of weight. I was surprised the post office delivered.

Nick you are always wheeling and dealing. Thanks for a great product. I feel good when I can save a few bucks and offer my client a good book.

Yep Nick,
All the time…

Can I use this for a marketing ploy?:smiley:

Thanks for personally hauling all those the boxes into the truck(s). You must have had one hell of a work out…:ack!:

Thank you very much. We’re on the next edition already.

**Put the book cover (jpg) on your website. **
Front page. (if it’s not on the front page - it will not be looked for)
Market your book - competitive advantage.

Got my books yesterday - They look great. Thanks, Ben

I want to personally thank Ben and Nick for not just this book but for all the literature they have made available and so affordable.
And especially the handouts for our Chapter meetings.

InterNACHI’s Homeowners Guide, Environmental Concerns, and The Home owners’ handbook (there’s a fourth one but Dennis took them all)
have proven invaluable to our members marketing.


From all the guys at West Central Fl. Chapter

I got a box of 55 on Saturday, are the other 55 on the way? Book looks great, giving them out already.