I'll pay to market your inspection business. This marketing tool works and I'm buying

If you will do a few things to help promote your business for 2009… I’ll buy the supplies and ship them to you now… absolutely free (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST) Status: December 31, 2008, all books have been shipped. For latecomers visit www.nachi.org/now.htm

  1. Count up the number of real estate offices in your market area.
  2. Post on this thread how many offices there are.
  3. Email me at fastreply@nachi.org if your shipping address is different than the address we have on file for you in www.nachi.org/profileintro.htm or if the address we have on file for you is a P.O. Box.
  4. I’ll ship you as many copies of http://www.nachi.org/happyhome.htm (an 81 page full color book) as there are real estate offices in your market area. I’ll pay for the books. I’ll pay for the packing. I’ll pay for the shipping.
  5. Staple your business card to the bottom left corner of the front of these books. You can also affix a sticker with your contact information on each book.
  6. On the front covers, scribble with a big magic marker “Do not throw out!
  7. Deliver them to the broker/owner or manager of each real estate office in your local market.
  8. Ask if they want an additional copy for their real estate office lobby. If they do, give them one. I’ll buy you more.
  9. After you deliver them, post that you delivered them on this thread and roughly where you delivered them to.

I know it sounds goofy for me to ask that you announce on this thread that you actually delivered them… but… I really, really, don’t want anyone to just take these expensive books just because they are free. I am aware of members who just like taking free stuff, but never actually put any energy into making money with them. So PLEASE… ONLY take them if you are actually willing to put your contact information on them, actually deliver them, and actually post here after they’ve been delivered.

These are the marketing gifts that keep on marketing you… and now they are free (while supplies last).

If you are truly willing to put your contact information on these books, then drive around and deliver them, I’m willing to pay for them (I’ll pay the shipping to you as well).

Stuff a few of your inspection brochures or flyers in each of them as well.

Status: December 31, 2008, all books have been shipped. For latecomers visit www.nachi.org/now.htm

Sample reply post:

Nick, I’ll take 12. I’ll make my own contact information sticker with my phone number and affix them to each book. I’ll hand deliver them. Please use the address you have on file in my *www.nachi.org/profileintro.htm](http://www.nachi.org/profileintro.htm). I’ll post here after I’ve delivered them and let you know about what area I’ve covered. I promise I won’t let them just sit in my basement. Thanks.*

I’ll ship to Canada and Puerto Rico too.

You are an amazing guy, and I’m very grateful for the offer.
I’ll be checking my locations as best I can (I’ve seen several offices closing in the area…) and get the info to you this weekend.
I’m dedicated to this profession, and am not afraid to get out there and work.

I’ll take 50, and I’ll make sure they’re put to use ASAP.


Yes a very nice gift indeed Nick.

A decent marketing tool and should work like something similar I’ve done with the nice gel wrist mousepads.

Thing is I have a huge market and cover a lot of ground, I’m talking over 500 offices within a 40 mile radius. Would you be willing to supply me with that amount? That’s just 1 book per office. I could easily distribute 200 within a 20 mile radius… all in 1 day :mrgreen:

Let me know what you’re willing to provide.

Ray T.


A fellow inspector made a master list of offices in this area. There are about 175. About 10 of those offices closed. I would say about 50 of these offices are out of my area. I can send you the excel spread sheet for proof.

So I would say I need about 100 copies.
I need to get to the offices so it sounds like a good idea to me. How many can I get? 25/50.

Thanks for the offer. Please send some my way and I will post when I deliver.

I will take 80 Nick and pass them out as soon as I get them.
I already have the stickers


There are hundreds of RE offices in my area. I would say that I could hit 20-30 in the week after I receive them.

I’ll put on my own stickers and hand deliever them.

Email to follow with shipping info.


Theres hundreds of RE offices in my area as well. I’ll start with 80 and go from there. thanks Nick, I’ll let you know when all are delivered and need more if still available.

Hi Nick

This will work well with my Jan 1 of hitting RE offices to reload my info and see who is still in business, I will take 40.
Please send to address on file.

I will post after the 1st of the year.


I had absolutely nothing to do with this amazing offer. All I know is that Nick called me, and without so much as a “Happy Holidays” bought half a warehouse full of manuals. Years ago I wrote: “Nick Gromicko has done more for inspectors than any other indvidual in the history of the industry,” and he continues to prove it time after time.
Thanks, Nick, and Happy Holidays.

46 please!
Got my list made and will check them off as I go…

25 Please , goes well with my new campaign plans, I will post as delivered Thanks for all you do Nck


I’ll do just the ones closest to my 29466 zip.

60 copies would more than cover all of Mt Pleasant and a tad more.

Thanks :smiley:

Great thing you are doing. I’ll take 50. Thank You!

If this is for real, I will take 25 to start and go from there.
There are thousands of Brokers in Chicago, but I will not be greedy till I see if there is even one response.

I will even take a picture of each office I drop at.
How does that sound?

Nick I have an area with 65 I can pass out. I just bought 2 cases and they do go fast with my large service area!

Hey Nick, I could use 37. Use my info on file.

Thank you so much!

Robert, It’s for real!

Thanks! I will deliver 30 to the Escambia/Pensacola area.