Every Hi should know what this is????

Use the SWAG system I kind of deceivied the pic have more if someone knows what it is.

Does this help not a Sam 4 rocket launcher

SAM 4 rocket launcher?

Oh God Joe I am still cracking up what a reply that is going to do me for a whole week.

looks like some kind of radiant heating system.


Its a heat exchanger for a gas furnace


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Yes I guess you might say radiant to some degree ???

I know…I know… it’s the Tin Man’s lower intestine, right??

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This heat exchanger was just pulled from a Goodman combination gas Pac forced air unit notice the four large cracks at the top of the exchanger. The story on this unit was the first HVac tech trouble shooted the unit and removed the flame roll out switch because it was tripping and he did not no why. My old tool buddy from my other world got the call on this unit and changed out the exchanger. The unit is only 10 years in age. The MFG Tech rep was consulted and he laid the blame on this failure due to a loaded up A-coil (Lint) no air flow across the exchanger.

The tech rep stated that they have had problems with this unit and failed exchangers which is usually detected by the roll out switch locking the unit out and having to be manually reset this is probally why the first service tech removed the switch so the unit would run thus the exchanger got to hot and cracked.

The tech rep sent a air defelector with the new exchanger to be installed within the air stream of the blower directing more air in the area of the exchanger where the safety switches are located. These exchanger must be MFG out of campbell soup cans no weight to them at all.

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LOL, it is obviously a heat exchanger, but if you tore apart an old oil heat radient heat deal, they really do not look much different. Thus my remark.

Was this found near the Roswell UFO crash site??? - ha!
Its a UFO lightspeed generator…

Looks like a heat exchanger to me…