Very small but very important

Whatiz thiz:D

Looks like the evaporator oriface. Some come with several sizes.

Marc I don’t see any wires in that item:p

Sorry, did I spoil it? :neutral:

Yes Sir

Carrier accurater and a dirty one at that.


That’s one nasty looking accurater piston valve. I’m using a Sporlan TXV on both of my new systems.

Greg it was just laying on the top of the furnace for no telling how long and the furnace was in the attic. Just trying to let the non HVAC folks see what an actuator (metering device) really looks like.

I personally prefer the old Cap tubes no power heads to go bad:D


I’ve been out of for awhile. I didn’t even know they were still designing cap-tube coils, other than maybe some Comm.Ref. and/or Pkg’d units.
I usually mismatched my evaporative coils, as I did recently with my new systems. The Attic system has a long horizontal and vertical R/F line set, so I had TXV installed with checkvalve. The basm’t system has just the TXV. I’d forgotten the procedures for adjusting/setting superheat but the Tech. new how. It’s amazing how much you lose/forget when you don’t use it for awhile.
Oh well, I guess I’ve retained enough to be dangerous.

Perhaps I have been out of this too long myself what is the purpose of a check valve which side of the TXV is it installed appears to me that it would slow the equalization process down in the off cycle.

Looks like someone forgot to flow some nitrogen through the line set while brazing.

Gary that would be the correct way but can you tell me how many times you as a Tech have silver soldered a line without nitrogen or do you want to tell on yourself:p :smiley:

Admiitedly many years ago I use to fudge, but no more carbon can gum up flow restrictors as well as txv shafts.