I don't understand some homeowners

Panel/Heavy up was done in 2011, it’s been like this for 5 years.

Wow, is that a rental?

No, couple has lived there for 20 years.

If they have power inside I guess it works. That most likely the thinking.

Cripes, lucky no one got fried!

Did it during a power outage. :mrgreen:

Sadly I used to see this alot in Richmond VA where I was the Engineer II. The electrician or home owner would call in for a service change permit and the local POCO and the local inspection authority would never quite have that meeting of the minds moment.

Or I have seen this supposed to be only for a day while again doing a change over and the Inspector forgets to call it into the POCO after the inspection of the new setup and the inspector leaves because their work is done…and the POCO never shows up.

And then the POCO contractor came later and stuck a smart meter on it and left.

More likely that they pulled the meter before making the splice connection. Why wouldn’t they just cut it at the weatherhead and splice on the new service entrance conductors?

Out here in CA electricians do “Hot Swaps” all the time because of utility rarely keeping commitments.