Ex NACHI member now ex OAHI Director.

This was in another section of the NACHI bb and I have added it here .
Roy Cooke

Nick Gromicko

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Ex NACHI member now ex OAHI Director.
August 1st, 2007

Announcement: Director Resigns from Board

*Greetings to all members, and I hope that you are doing well! *

The Board of Directors would like the members to be aware that the director representing the Kingston Regional Meeting Group is now an ex-director. Mr. Cam Allen resigned his position at the recent July 27th Board meeting. Attending his first meeting since his election at the Annual General Meeting, Mr. Allen declined to sign a Confidentiality Agreement, which the ten (10) other Board members have signed . While there will be at least two versions of whether the resignation was voluntary, it is the Board’s unanimous position, supported by policy, that failure to sign the Confidentiality Agreement equates to resignation from the Board.

As you may know, the KRMG - like Toronto, Ottawa, Southwest - automatically get a director if someone stands for election in the area. North Central has requested the same right be added to the Bylaws. At the 2007 AGM Mr. Allen was the only KRMG member to put his name forth. The Board will be asking the OAHI members from the Kingston Region to supply a suitable RHI replacement to serve as director and represent the region. If no candidate is forthcoming, the Board could appoint any RHI member to the Board; however, they are under no legal obligation to do so.

If you have questions or comments, please contact any Board member.


Tom Lloyd RHI
On behalf of the CAHPI-Ontario/OAHI 2007 Board of Directors

Nick Gromicko, CMI
World’s biggest, best inspection association
“PlanetNACHI… resistance is futile”

This was in another section of the NACHI bb and I have added it here .
Roy Cooke

Nick Gromicko

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User Name: gromicko
Location: Valley Forge, PA
Posts: 8,013

Ex NACHI member now ex OAHI Director.
August 1st, 2007

Announcement: Director Resigns from Board

To set the record straight…Mr. Allen did not resign from the OAHI Board of Directors. He refused to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and that is his only perceived sin. This confidentiality promise has no precedent and has never been written into the bylaws. This is an arbitrary rule that a few on the board have enacted and forced on others. The other BOD members have attempted to ‘fire’ him from the board, but legally he remains a member of the BOD.

As a person who was duly elected by the OAHI membership to that position, he can only be removed by the members, and only for some very specific reasons.

The OAHI Board has acted beyond their authority and could be placing the association in a precarious and dangerous position.

Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill That was my thoughts to.
This is so unfortunate.

I find this very interesting .
Cam and I have had our differences but I have always respected him .
With Cam you new exactly where he stood .
He and My son where the two Financial directors who resigned from OAHI at different times due to discrepancies in how the finances where handled .
I have not heard of any improvements.
I do know that there have been various challenges to the OAHI procedures .
I even offered to pay for a forensic audit so the OAHI members would know exactly how and where the money was spent… Cookie
These are theRules http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tp/it496r/it496r-e.html


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IT-496R Non-Profit Organizations](http://www.nachi.org/forum/)

IT-496R Non-Profit Organizations

NO: IT-496R

The night of the LONG KNIVES.

Now I think everyone should be asking the BOD to tender their resignations considering the screw up with the financial issues, other noteworthy breaches of the by-laws. Lapses in correct procedures, members having their rights stepped on. Intimidation, lack of documentation and info regarding BOD meetings.

Now with this latest development and the dovetailing of OAHI and the National this is a very serious matter.

What is needed is an outside management team to be brought in to manage the day to day affairs, while a forensic audit is conducted.

I have to give credit to Cam, he was never a follower and obviously is not going to be blackmailed by a bunch of clowns.

To my knowledge OAHI is having problems finding a Treasurer. That is very telling isnt it?

As we all know OAHI doesn’t want anyone whistle blowers to escape alive.

I would have stayed AN OAHI member if they had been honest and followed the rules .
I laid a charge against one of the Committee members and when I saw how this was never going to be heard and saw how the finances where never going to be honestly dealt with I felt the best for me and my future was with NACHI.
I have not changed my thoughts and still feel the best for the Canadian Home inspector is with NACHI.
NACHI listens and helps all Home inspectors every where.
Discrimination is not on the front of every thing they do.
It is time for all home inspector associations and home inspectors to try and form a sensible alliance help one and all.
… Cookie


Please don’t lump CAHPI and/or the NCP in with OAHI. There are obvious connections, but the future of CAHPI does not hinge on what Tom Lloyd and his group do or do not do. CAHPI and the NCP can and will operate quite well with or without OAHI. OAHI has only a very small percentage of the voting power in either group.

Despite your previous assertions, OAHI will NOT be controlling or running the National Certification in Ontario. As a group with an Equivalency Agreement with the NCA, OAHI will be asked to perform some ‘secondary’ administrative work on Ontario applicants. If NACHI were to apply for and receive an Equivalency Agreement they too would have the same privileges, and their members would also qualify for the lowest fees. ( 500 instead of 850.)

In either case, the primary work falls to the National Certification Authority, a body of eight or nine people on which only one Ontario person has a vote. I sit as a non-voting member.

Bill Mullen

"Please don’t lump CAHPI and/or the NCP in with OAHI."

"You are known by your lieutenants."

Secondary administrative work? Geeeeeeeeeez Bill they can’t even manage the most simplist of tasks. They leave a huge wake of incompetence. To suggest they are competent of managing secondary administrative work is laughable to say the least.

Mr. Lloyd as President of OAHI and as Secretary of CAHPI obviously has issues with regard to his leadership skills.

It is also quite obvious that Aubrey LeBlanc has been unable to bring any sense of management to OAHI.

OAHI is the hinge pin of the National and with a large numbers of OAHI not interested the National is doomed to failure. Thats why you need Nachi members.

OAHI is not the hinge pin…although Ontario is. OAHI might not be needed in the mix. We do not need NACHI members, but they are most welcome to apply. All NACHI needs to do is apply for and receive an Equivalency rating and their members have all the rights and privileges and rates that anyone else has.

Why get into a pissing match when we have a common foe? Maybe the NCP and the CMI can work something out. Nick and I have a good relationship. If the NCP is considered a failure by some because we only have 300 to 400 applicants out of 1200 CAHPI members, what is the CMI when it has fewer than 300 out of 10,000 NACHI members? Instead of smacking each other in the face maybe its time for some serious talk without dragging out the old crap.

Bill Mullen


I agree in principal, but its obvious until the old crap is sorted out we will always be at odds because quite frankly no one trusts OAHI, the BOD and certain committee members.

If Mr. LeBlanc is the hired gun, he needs to call me, because I have the bullets to his gun. :wink:


Ihear Mallory Anderson might be looking for managenent work.:mrgreen:

Bill, if you and Nick have good relationship, why not to work out the issue of Equivalency rating and get NACHI on the level field? Someone has to start this dialogue at some point.

It is not a case of whether… I need this, or you need that! It is a case of … How can we work this out together so all Home Inspectors benefit.
As we all see there are many who are not affiliated with any professional association. Partly due to the stupid statements and wrangling that goes on on thei bulletin board and nothing that goes on on the OAHI BB. No one posts there. Not even to help.
As you state, instead of smacking faces, it would be better to talk about positive items that can move associations forward. Either CMI or NC certs that would be recognizable and equivilant. The associations should work on a positive angle to promote the industry and it’s members. There are way too many who claim to be a member of one association and that is all that s needed. And they put down other associations and the members.
As I have stated before many in OAHI are crybabies and do nothing to promote the industry. (OAHI did not support a fundraiser underway for one of it’s sick longtime active members.) But many in NACHI are no better.
Squabbling will never make this industry advance.
It may be time for NACHI and OAHI to start to work together as one association, to make all members look better. Together. And that may mean dropping some of the old garbage. As in …Kiss and make up.
Signed David L Cook of (this is cool) Ontario Association of Nationally Certified Home Inspectors.


This is exactly why Ontario should licence home inspectors. Never mind the National, never mind RHI. It is very evident OAHI has been in continual breach of its by-laws. This same sort of nonsense has occurred before with Cam and others.

Why do you think OAHI wants it directors to sign confidentiality agreements? Its to intimidate board members from speaking out about questionable activities. The only thing the BOD haven’t figured out is that the confidentiality agreement is all talk and no action. OAHI is not in a position to challenge legally anyone who breaches the confidentiality agreement because there is too much to hide.

As you know some on here keep telling us to be professional and to stop talking about these grievances, but the problem is it has to be exposed before anything will change. If this is the sort of nonsense going on how can anyone in or out of OAHI be assured of equality both in OAHI and CAHPI National?

Members of OAHI are just as good as Nachi members, but the problem lies with certain individuals in management and on some committees who will never release the tight grip they have on the reins. If the corporate head is broken then it calls into question the whole association, because no one can be assured that everyone gets the same treatment.

OAHI has a history of forcing out those that do not comply to thier dictates, screw the by-laws, what are they for, they don’t need stinking by-laws.

These same people on the board who serve on the National have a history of abuse of the by-laws they swore to uphold.

Just look at the way they treated those of us who hold dual membership and used CHI, these same people sit on the National.

Before Nachi submits to anything CAHPI-OAHI needs to have a forensic audit conducted, maybe then things will improve.

Remember 95% of OAHI members haven’t got a clue whats going on and thats the way management wants it.


Bill Why do you not come out and tell the truth .You and Claude do nothing but evade .
I understand there was 97 in the first section , no idea in the second .
With all the evading I expect it is a lot less then that .
Your past statements said you would have 200 to 500 by the end of 2006 and 5,000 by the end of 2007.
Your statements of having spent $2,000,000:00 we now know was completely false. You have continued to call me and others liars.
Well Bill it looks like you have some explaining to do. You keep comming unto the NACHI site and tell us all you do not need us but it looks to me like you are pleading and are in trouble .
If as you say the National Certification was a success why are you not giving out Numbers and Names .


The aim of the pilot project was to identify any problems with the model and the process. It also helped the NCA to determine the actual costs needed to accredit courses and to certify practitioners. The pilot project has just been completed. CAHPI and the NCA are now inviting all Canadian home inspectors, both members and non-members, to apply to become National Certificate Holders. The goal is to have 200 to 500 National Certificate Holders by the end of 2006 and many more in subsequent years until most competent Canadian home inspectors become “National Certificate Holders

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][size=2]According to an article in the December 19th Business Buzz section of the London Free Press, Bill Mullen, owner of Bluewater Home Inspection in Sarnia, Ontario has been named to head a national program which is set to begin certifying home inspectors in Canada in 2006.

The program is a joint project involving Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation, Human Resource and Skills Development Canada, the Canadian Federal Ministry of Housing, and the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) and is the culmination of 8 years of effort aimed at educating, assessing and certifying about 5,000 Canadian inspectors under the umbrella of CAHPI. So far, preparations have cost more than $2,000,000 (CN).

Mullen will oversee the implementation phase of the program and will direct the certification process of individual practitioners and the accreditation of educational institutions involved in training. The target is to have all practicing inspectors in Canada certified by the end of 2007.

Mullen has been an inspector for 13 years and has held positions on the boards of both the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) and its counterpart CAHPI.

For more information about this program, including a breakdown of the core skills of home inspectors and details of the actual certification process, visit the CAHPI website](http://www.CAHPI.ca).[/size][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][size=2]---------------------------------------------------------[/size][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][size=2]This is the same stories you gave us all about Whistler[/size][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][size=2]We are still waiting for your big anoucement too.[/size][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][size=2]--------------------------------------------------------[/size][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][size=2]Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon

Nick and the CMI are welcome; there are open invitations to apply for Equivalency Review. That has already been expressed here before by Bill Mullen and also by me.

I have the Equivalency Review forms - the next move is up to Nick. It’s once again a matter of choice. The exact same protocol all other associations are going through, or have already gone through. There’s nothing to hide accept complete the documentation and pay for the independant consultants review fee.

As I stated before other home inspection associations are in that process - right now.

No equivalency agreement - no fee reduction.

The NCA also has quite a number of training providers on both sides of the border that will be receiving accreditation agreements.

The 97 anounced received national certificate holder status last fall at the conference. So the numbers have grown since than. Besides somes had to clean up small deficiencies such as an incomplete TIPR or an issue related to background review. There is no automatic rubber stamp or free pass involved. That is why we have a National Certification Council - that reviews each and every application. BTW: we have 3 independent members sitting on that council, along with home inspectors to assure impartiality and fair treatment for one and all applicants.

They are the final decision makers of applicants status - not OAHI, or any other association. If the applicant does not meet the required criteria they are notified of their deficiencies. As I said before - no free passes. You have to earn it and document by proof your background and pass a test inspection with peer review. No rigor - no credibility.

And we just go around in Circles .
Questions asked and still not answered .
It is Obvious that The National Certification is a flop or you would be giving answers.
What you have is not fair to those who have taken and are now qualified to do inspections by not posting their names .
Why would any one think things are going to improve they did not after all the money was spent on Whistler a few years .
You tell us $2,00,00;00 has been spent then we find out it has not .
You tell us how great it is going and it is not.
NICK is very smart and he has not said he feels NACHI should consider joining with CAHPI .
Claude Posted earlier CAHPI has the control of the National Certification.
NACHI Charges a lot less and gives a huge amount more then CAHPI.
This BB is still open for CAHPI to use but the CAHPI BB was shut down when questions started to get asked there.
NACHI members do not have the use of Bill Mullens Propaganda Machine
( His Canuk list ) .
Keep trying Claude until you and CAHPI can show us the full information and not the continued ZIP ,I see no advantage at all to even consider your Lousy offers.
Information is lacking completly.

Thanks … Cookie

I would like to suggest that before any more trying to sell the National Certification to the nachi membership.
It might be a big advantage to try and get communication between CAHPI/OAHI and NACHI.
Co-operatin and communication would soon soften the attitude between all members .
We are all home inspectors who wish to make a living and help each other.
The closed door attitude from all Canadian association and their Bulletin Boards sure does not lead to a good feeling in the Home inspection industry.
We ( NACHI) keeps trying but the reciprocal is not there.


Roy - unfortunately it seems that any dreams of that communication - appears to be long past. NACHI has provided opportunities, but to date none have been utilized. What can I say? That was their choice, not yours, not mine. Hey some even ask that I not even respond here!

You saw as well as me in Toronto that a handful of members visited the NACHI Conference. I welcomed that opportunity, a long with others. But you are trying to convert someone - that already sees both sides. I am not in a position to change OAHI or any other organization over night. That comes from the membership demanding change. Otherwise they simply follow suit.

Now on the issue of home inspectors helping each other - thats great. That is what it is all about. That to me is also part of mentoring.

The closed door policy regarding BB was the choice of the associations, not necessarily the membership. Again the choice of how one runs an association comes in different sizes and flavours. As you already know OAHI and ASHI have moderators and censorship. Again , that is their choice.

That is why I choose not to put all my “eggs” in one basket. To do so is foolish - besides other associations have other things to offer.

BTW: I am not here to sell the NC to the NACHI membership. I have offered answers. I do not have all the answers, but at least some are offered. As an example - I do not know why the membership of the National Certificate Holders are not listed. Perhaps there are several reasons - best guess, fear of dilution of the RHI, or possibly fear of a competitive advantage, or a decision made by others before me. Some also see it as naming names may just provide another opportunity to comments by those that have already taken shots at a few names of examiners and other people associated.

But I can equally keep my “pie hole” shut. If that is what it takes. But I really thought this BB was beyond censorship.

By the way zip is nothing. Thank you for valuing my comments on nothing. I offer no more.