Exactly how inspectors make money on Green Building

As energy demand rises and the green building movement gains momentum, there will be more instances of sellers making claims which are untrue. Inspectors will be able to act as a neutral third parties in confirming or dispelling claims made by sellers about features of their homes of which the general public is ignorant.

I discover that by accident every now and then.

The client will say “they told me this house was a all star energy efficient home”.
This is after I find all the areas of lacking insulation with an IR camera.

I think some Realtors are seeking to verify these energy claims in advance.

Realtors Pushing Infrared & Energy Inspection

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I have a 370-item green feature list from which clients can choose to have features verified. It took about a year to put develop. Using my list, inspectors can verify any feature of their client’s choice for a price.

Exagerating or lying about green features is widespread because sellers don’t think their claims can be verified. My list uses very creditable sources.

And… are you going to keep us in suspense…

May we please see your list? :slight_smile:

John don’t they have to have so many green points in your state before they can claim that ?

another form of “Green Washing”

New house
Insulation attic Cert states R-38
Client’s contract calls for R-38 loose fill fiberglass
What’s in the attic is neither, or fiberglass has changed dramatically…all in the normal routine

I’ll be going back once this and other items are rectified

BTW the only thing green about this one was following the money trail…I’ll be doing visual and IR verifications throughout this sub-division

I’m amazed with all of the IR and BS info you’ve put together you haven’t posted what you have…or did I miss it?

Well, at least the switch to cellulose was more green than virgin 'glass or 'glass with little re-cycled content…Now if they could teach people to read labels and rulers.

Are those wires in an area of the attic that can be walked or crawled over?

Yes sir! You get a green star :wink:

Duly noted with bullet point reporting

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I was asking Kenton about his list.


I’m still making up my mind what to do with it. It’ll be available eventually, I just need to decide what it’s roll will be.

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    Are you willing to share that list? My email is haroldjlowe@hotmail.com

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May I see a copy, if you’re sharing? jaxhomespy@yahoo.com

If you are sharing please send me a copy homeinspections@email.com

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Me too please… rodney@trinitymaintenance.com

I’m curious to see if it differs from Canadian ones i’ve seen.