Excuse Bubberman while he kisses... self, got milk? lol

yeah yeah, we can do the you tube reviews too except the difference is, these are REAL homeowners who had work done by us, not the FAKE shtt in fake America

lady says… how much did the supposed honest experts want? HOW MUCH??? lol scam baby

cost for exterior waterproofing a little over $11,000… versus how much again? WHICH is cost prohibitive? hahaha yeah okay

gentleman here says what, how long ago?

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the lady in video above, here were ‘some’ of her exterior problems, aka openings/pathways where the water was FIRST-ENTERING… then inside it was seen where the bottom of blocks meet the floor, some mold and efflorescence on some inside blocks. Installing any type of interior drainage system and 77 sump pumps would not STOP further water from entering the exterior openings, it could at best only re------direct it, divert it and then hopefully pump it out, they’ll almost always hide/cover/conceal the interior foundation walls so YOU don’t see water, mold, efflorescence, cracks widening etc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2g8-tgjUC4
loooloollll… the first 5-10 seconds, imo funny shtt, we try n have some fun on most jobs eh… professional??? Maybe not in some peoples eyes, that’s fine with me, I don’t hide/mask anything and we don’t scr_w ya so if you want the guys dressed all the same, same T-shirts etc and kiss your azz, we’re not the ones for you, got that? If you think PROFESSIONAL means LYING, misleading homeowners, misrepresenting their actual problems and then bidding jobs waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too high, then imo you’re gonna get a letter in your mailbox, got DAT?

No doubt in my mind that taking care of the problem outside where it starts is the way to go Mark.

There will always be scammers out there to convince people otherwise though. Can’t control that.

Keep up the good work.
I think what you show here is a learning experience for many.

Get ti all out there Bubby!
You banged her didn’t ya… … … . …:cowboy_hat_face:

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The really sad thing is, that most of these scammers actually believe they are doing the right thing. Most have been trained into this thinking, and when your paycheck is dependent on these sales, well, you know how it goes.
Thank God (yes, Mark, I went there :wink: ) for people like Mark and his crew for showing us all how to take care of our clients in these matters!

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thanks guys, yeah waaaaay too many homeowners getting lied-to, cheated in this business.

Golllllllllllllllllllllllllllllldie… ummm, all I can say is, got milk?

This is awesome.

Jacob, follow Mark’s threads. You will learn a lot. Sometimes he has posted as Bubba but just as good of info. :smile:

Yup! Bubba got milk? LOL

Awesome, will do.

So my questions are: why was that gentleman digging around the perimeter, what is he installing (I’m assuming) and is your technique for water diversion re-grading around the foundation? What area are you in?

In a nutshell, Mark and crew REPAIR the damage that is the source of the water penetrating the structure.
No bandaids, no gimmicks.
His unofficial Motto… “FIX it, don’t BullShit it”!!!

Mark, you have my permission to adopt that Motto. You’re welcome!! :wink:

What happened to that well respected & happy-go-lucky JOHN BUBBER guy? :partying_face: Did he really get stuck in a trench?

You know… … … … … … …

I’m not Mark but he resides in S/E MI.