Mobile Home Inspection

My wife and I are selling our mobile home. I am concerned about the upcoming inspection because I have some concerns and would like someone’s help. Right now, our water line comes in through our crawl space, is insulated but not buried. Does the water line have to be buried or can it stay above ground? Also, our electrical line is above ground as well in the crawl space but is in conduit pipe. I had heard it can be above ground but would have to be latched to the frame of the house? I have searched the internet but have had difficulty finding any official guidelines on how these items should be set up. Can anyone give me some information or sources that can help?


Check with your local county codes office. Do you have PB 2110 water lines? If so, that will be an issue.

Mike, where are you located? If it’s North Florida, give me a call and I’ll help you out.