Exposing Dave Bottom's Blatant Lies

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Firstly, sorry for stirring the pot once again, but I felt the need to clear up some of Bottom’s ridiculous and desperate lies. Please review the following list of Bottom’s quotes. I promise I won’t be following or responding to this thread.

1. Full time basement renovator, operating under Basement Creations
2. Part time deck builder with Deck Works
3. Non practicing Home Inspector
4. Associate Member of OAHI who is misrepresenting his credentials to the public.
5. Editor in Chief of the Cdn. Home Inspector Magazine who utters threats of violence along with the VP of CAHPI Mr. Arri Marrantz.
6. Forum Administrator of the CANUCK list who is a mole and condones lifting and posting of a private forum for ulterior motives along with his partner in Crime Mr. Mullens who is found of telling lies himself.
7. Fond of posting under aliases.
8. Fond of sending private emails laced with foul language.
9. Mr. Bottoms who will argue over anything so long as he can portray it as truth.
10 And the top ten reasons why Bottoms has done all the above and more is because he thinks he can win with lies.

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