Extending a flue properly

I’m researching how to extend a flue properly. I would think for the flues properly supported you would have to extend the brick up or use another method to support the extension. Not just extend the flue up. This unsupported flue is subject to damage from wind and debris. Does anyone have a good book and/or website reference for how to properly extend the flue?

One option could have been extending it with a metal flue with proper connector.

Thank you,

Stpehen Rager

Pretty scary looking extension. A stiff wind could bring it down. I would defer to a chimney sweep on how to properly extend it. Looks like the guy is missing a hammer.

WHY did it need to be extended to begin with?

and why is that hammer up there…

Do you have a picture from the other side. Why does the flue look like it was cut into the brick. Its on the side of chimney. Did they add a new flue off to the side and abandon an old flue?

In order to make the chimney draw properly it must clear any roof line within 10 feet by two feet.

…and, it must exhaust at least 3’ above the roof.