It gonna get cold here in Florida

Why do you yanks wanna send this kinda thing our way .
Don’t you feel sorry for us? LOL!

Yeah finally a reason for me to be happy. I LOVE THE COLDNESS. It is the only time I find my job enjoyable.

Move to Minnesota !
You are a yankee ain’t ya?..OOPs

Look at the temp difference from your area to ours:D

200 miles can make a big difference.
Here it is hottest during the summer and coldest during the winter.
We have 4 seasons as oppose to the two you have.

No I don’t feel sorry for ya my truck had 16 degrees when I started out this morning with snow cover almost unheard of here before Thanksgiving

I don’t feel sorry for you. In fact I laugh in your face!:twisted::wink:

I was inspecting in 0-15 degree weather several times last week. It wasn’t too bad. The wind wasn’t blowing!:smiley:

Enjoy it!

I hate cold. I worked on the Alaskan pipeline in the early seventies for about 6 years and
have had enough cold for a lifetime.
So cold the lawyers had their hands in the own pockets.

This is what is coming at me a friggin cold front with rain. No inspections today. Yellow arrow is my location.

LOL Suck it up , BTW wear woolies .

OK. You topped me! Now I feel sorry for you. LOL. :wink:


Thank you !

Roy call Sean ask how it likes the warm weather in Florida . I need to call when it gets cold lol

Nope. I just despise sweating like a pig just sticking 1/2 my body in an attic access hatch or doing a 4 point in a home that is not running the a/c. First thing I do on a 4 point is check that a/c by cranking it real low. Got to be sure it works :slight_smile:

See what happens when you brag about wearing shorts lololol

You read that huh?

Because we wouldn’t dream of not sharing this wonderful weather with you.

I woke up to a winter wonderland this morning - No roof inspection today. :smiley:

I feel bad complaining about a few days of 60 degree weather when I see your guys weather up in Wisconsin and Minnesota. But I hate cold, so I’m gonna complain.

Screw a bunch of …lowercase…yankees !
Freezeheads! Just Jokin’:smiley: