It's gonna get cold in north Florida tonight ..Yep!

I hate cold weather…

Roy, you guys are spoiled down there, its good you get a taste of it once in awhile. LOL

I can only wish it was that balmy here.

23 and dropping here right now. I’m afraid it will or might be single digit in the morning.

14 and dropping here. It got down to 10 this a.m. That’s at least 40 degrees below normal.

What a bunch of whiners… (minus) -11F here tonight!


Damn, you living in the North Pole or what. LOL

It is warmer in the North Pole right now (-7C); here its -11C without the wind chill and I took the dog out for a walk brrrr…

What a sissy. I’d be wearing my tank top

Global Warming???
Go figure yourself.

I love winter… 72 when I woke up, down to 70 here now… the cold front just moved through :sunglasses::laughing:

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That’s still a lot better than 11 degrees here right now.

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And we’re just in the first week of Fall!!!

Going to be a long winter ahead.

It the high humidity and cold that gets to you down here.

Time to build an igloo:cold_face:

12 again this morning.

68 here this morning.

we are a balmy 16. Dave, how are you surviving??:snowman_with_snow:

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Havin’ a cold snap! 72* last night