Exterior connection to Fridge

With the exception of lacking Backflow Protection, is there technically anything wrong with plumbing a refrigerator’s Ice Maker and Water Line from an exterior Hose Bibb??

Is it likely to freeze? Otherwise I would think not.

Not in Royal Palm Beach FL!! :grinning:

Would of been easier to just move the fridge outside.


Creative! DIY special in RedNeck style :slight_smile:

The garden bib/hose fittings are rarely NSF approved/listed and leak prematurely – they don’t last as long as those fittings designed for permanent installation. The PVC needs sunscreen cream or it will become brittle and eventually burst.


Might be if they have 2 meters and they are bypassing the meter to save money

Thank You ALL…Simon, I like the NSF call out especially…good call… Thank You

On a practical level, the pipe is likely not supported, at least from the posted pics and the hose bib connections rotate. Movable supply line piping is not a good idea, especially as previously mentioned, the sunscreen cream (even the waterproof type) will eventually wash off. The unexpected joys of sun exposed brittle PVC supply lines.