Out swinging entry door?

In what area of the country is this common?

Commercial areas

You do see them once in a blue moon, well maybe not that much. Why?

More so for that. I was thinking he was asking about residential.

Carry-over from the trailer park mansions! :roll:

I see those the odd time, make sure the hinges are the proper types.

Out swinging entry doors are commonplace (often required) in areas within included Hurricane zones.
An exterior swing of the door is not a deficiency. Note the observable concern, inspect and report the hinges and the condition / size of the landing in front of the swing of the door.

I was referring to residential. I see it in movies occasionally, and was just wondering where this would be commonplace. I would assume they would require NRP hinges.

I am aware of several counties in the State of Florida that require all exterior doors (New Construction after Ordinance) be exterior swing due to State mandated Hurricane Laws / Ordinances.
Your market may vary…

Can you back that up? That’s news to me, thanks.

Very common here.

I guess they want you trapped inside if crap blows against the door in Florida? Or is it that general contractors are just mimicking their own houses back at the trailer park?

There are 3 of them on my house.

Keeps the door from blowing in in a high wind event.

Also makes it very easy to open improperly installed deadbolts, which are also very common here.

Use stud hinges…
With a latch shield.


Also see a lot of hinges with a screw in the 5th hole.

Joe makes it sound like outswing doors are “Required” in some areas of FL. It’s certainly not required by code, but maybe by some local ordinance that I am not aware of. Before NOAs and FL approvals, it may have been required, but not anymore. Design pressure works both directions. There are many inswing approved doors for HVHZ, as well as the rest of the state.

They are mandatory on all new construction on barrier islands within hurricane zones in Florida. The pressure differences within the home could cause the door to blow in… If it’s mounted to swing out, the jamb stops prevent that from happening.

So you guys have no storm doors ?
Or they are supposed to hit the glass.