Exterior receptacle weatherproof requirements

It won’t work where I am the salt air would eat that up.

Well, then, the box would be stainless or plastic, so a non-issue for you. Thanks for playing. Come back soon! :wink:

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Salt air or not that box is not listed for wet locations. :slightly_smiling_face:


Dang Sparky’s never do have any sense of humor! :roll_eyes:


How 'bout this….?


Nicely sealed it is good to go :grinning: :boom:


I saw one like that on a youtube video. DYI home improvement just caulk around the edges and your good to go. I don’t recall the video title but I really enjoyed how simple it was to seal an outlet so it was within the scope of high quality workmanship.

Yes, it would be considered a defect by today’s standard and was not installed properly i.e. (horizontal). In addition it appears to be missing the weather-tight gasket material under the cover.

Why is it not installed properly if it’s horizontal?

That is to say, that type is meant for horizontal installation.

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Russell, don’t think that I’m breaking your chops but is there really a requirement for this type of cover only open with the hinge at the top? If this is a wet location then it’s the wrong cover anyway so the point is moot. In a damp location the cover is required to keep the receptacle protected only when the cover is closed so the orientation of the hinge should not matter.

Robert, no offense taken. Back in the day (when that cover was new) it was rated for wet locations as long as the cover was installed properly and kept closed.

I agree, the in-use cover requirement for wet locations has been around for decades so your comment stretched my brain a bit. :thinking:

Yes and the UL listing for that cover was/is for horizontal installation only.

You have link to that documentation or are you going from memory?

Here is the Patent original description of these covers.

A water-resistant cover for an electrical outlet box comprising:
a base having a ridge surrounding a substantial periphery of said base, said ridge having a top wall, an outer side wall extending downwardly from said top wall and an inner side wall extending downwardly from said top wall, said inner side wall defining a recessed portion of said base and an opening in said recessed portion; and
a lid hingedly coupled to said base and received in said recessed portion in a closed position to cover said opening,
wherein said ridge prevents water from entering said opening whether the cover is oriented horizontally or vertically.

That is for the “Vertical Mount” design, not the original and much older “Horizontal Mount” design.

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Well I am sure that it would be the same if the picture were different. Whether the cover opens one way or the other, don’t you think the design was the same originally?
Show me where the orientation design matters if you want to argue.

No, it is not. The same exact unit has been redesigned over it’s own lifespan. Don’t care what “claims” are made. It is not the same unit with a different hinge location.

I await your reply as I know you will spend whatever time you have trying to prove me wrong… but I won’t be here waiting while you try.

I’m not going to spend anymore time until you answer my question that I asked.
Show me where the orientation design matters
Even Robert told you the orientation did not matter.