Exterior receptacles

When I do home inspections in Oceanside and Carlsbad, I always check that all of the exterior receptacles (outlets) are GFCI protected and have a weather-resistant cover.

That holds true no matter where you are.
So what is your point trying to get a little internet clout?

We need this type around here:

weatherproof cover.jpg

weatherproof cover.jpg

weatherproof cover.jpg

weatherproof cover.jpg

Yep. And now there’s 406.9(B)(1) for extra duty covers in wet locations. In use covers in damp and extra duty in use for wet. New and new work and make rec’s accordingly.

Here we go!
A simple thing goes into a full blown rant!

I’ll take blame for my part of the rant, but at same time folks do come here and use info as a basis to report.

Yes! I agree.
However, Each and every jurisdiction had there day when this was require…Correct!
It would be stupid if you didn’t have weatherproof covers installed.
And I call out all exterior outlets which are not properly covered as a recommendation to have them installed.

I think that’s only needed if the cord is always plugged in. No?


Yes :slight_smile:

Yes and no…

Damp location (covered porch / patio etc) req’s weatherproof cover

Wet Location requires in-use cover and as noted in previous post via 406.9(B)(1) requires extra duty… if you go to new construction, you’ll likely see just about every exterior recept with an in use cover…

exterior receptacles.PNG

Tim is right.

Tim’s got it…

Like: https://www.intermatic.com/-/media/inriver/11442-10361.ashx/Extra-Duty%20WP-Cover-Flyer-EN