Yeah, but I added extra support struts

Courtesy of Keith Sherstobetoff
A friend from New Foundland

How do you like this one?
My friend keeps sending me some good ones. :):smiley:

What the …

I am always amazed at the extent someone will go to do the job wrong…

Marcel, that is funny.:shock: How can you even put that in the “STRUCTURE” thread?..ha, ha. :p:D

Well, it was a structure at one point, now I don’t know what it is and how long it will stay up. :mrgreen:

timing is everything up yonder…

:mrgreen:Got that right Barry.

Don’t known of any place in Newfoundland where the snow load wouldn’t give this the ultimate test!!!

That is an energy and material saving technique Marcel.
You save your energy buy doing less work and material buy doing an improper job.
Its new to the marketplace but its as old as time itself.
Its called stupidity.:slight_smile:

Would that be a defect or deficiency?
The person that built it that is. HA HA HA