% failure to meet wind mit form criteria

I doubt anyone is keeping track yet but if you have data regarding this I would be interested in knowing. How often percentage wise do you find that the following are improperly installed or installed in a manner deficent with respect to the criteria imposed by the wind mitigation form?

         1) the straps are installed off the truss by more than the !/2" 
         2) the straps (or clips) lack the required nail pattern.

         3) the sheathing panels are supported on greater than 24" 

I don’t have a record of this but intend to keep track of it on all the new forms. Should be interesting. Anyone else care to contribute? Keep in mind I don’t do a large volume of these like others do.

How are you determining #1 ?

If one strap is to far then according to past wind mit logic then the whole house gets marked as such.

Well yeah, If that was the only one you ever did then !00% of them would have been a failed # 1. Now if you did 50 and two had visible straps installed off by greater than 1/2" then it would be 4%.

If one is visible it would be in the owners best interest to retrofit another strap. Same as if there are 20. If they don’t they pay more for insurance. Case closed from our perspective, we ain’t committing no fraud.

Really? No one cares about this?

No! :slight_smile:
We have enough to worry about with stuff that is actually important on the form.