Fannie Mae Inspections

Good Afternoon,
I’m not sure if this belongs here or not, but I wanted to ask some of you that work with Fannie Mae.
I received an email today from a company called A2Z Field Services regarding some inspections in my area. They said that FM will start requiring inspections each month on all of their assets. They will pay $15-$20 for each inspection and each inspection will involve making sure the property is still clean and secure. They are saying it shouldn’t take 15 minutes or so.

What are your thoughts on this? I can’t see how it would be cost effective unless they were grouped in close proximity. Seems you would burn more time travelling than what its worth.

Thanks for the input.
Josh Furry

A2Z is a tough one to work with as they are pretty set in their price structure.

HUD and Fannie Mae have a fairly similar pricing for these inspections.
While I do not have the Fannie Mae Schedule in front of me.
Hud Pricing Matrix is
Occupancy Inspections (Exterior) $20
Occupancy Inspection (Addt’l Units) $10
Initial Vacant Property Inspection (Interior) $35
Initial Vacant Property Inspection (Addt’l Units) $30
Vacant Property Inspection (On-going) $30
Vacant Property Inspection (On-going/Addt’l Units) $25

Are they a decent company to work for though? Do they pay the invoices promptly? I’ve never worked for Fannie Mae so it will be learning process for me.