Farsettas Non Nachi email

Farettas email wasn’t sent via Nachi. You zealots need to get your convoluted stories straight! This was not an infringement of NACHI rules. It was a case of Joe Blabber Mouth making statements he had no business making and not being able to back up his far fetched claims. If he didn’t want the trouble brought upon himself maybe he should have thought about it before hitting the send button! And he should not have called and bantered Roy with his half assed professionalism in trying to get at me.

And if you and your cronies are going to lie and cheat at least get your stories straight you Dicks!

In case your post is deleted…

Copied … Saved…


Most here do not miss you.

We are not zealots.

You have proven what you are all about.

A majority of your support has vanished.

You plead, but your damage has been done.

Live with your decision. It was in your hands the entire time. At least admit that you chose the wrong path.

Oh yeah… Be advised that you were blocked once from this message board. Your re-registering here, in an effort to gain access where it had previously been blocked, could wind up being considered hacking a NACHI asset. Is hacking legal in Canada?

By the way… your post is amusing, but innacurate and meanngless at this point.

Enjoy the view from the outside looking in, Ray.


The only damage being reaked is your continual need to show you are not as smart as you want everyone to think.

I see also you are ethics chair on the CMI! That sums up that fraud nicely.

Ray, you are without a doubt the biggest twit I have ever encountered.

No inspections again today, eh?

Oh for the love of God
Ray enough is enough, please …
All that you will accomplish from this now is a guarantee to be put on ignore.
PLEASE conduct yourself as the professional that once resided within you.
That great person whom posted meaningful items, like court cases, who brought incredable discussion to the table.

RAY PLEASE this is hurting yourself, your business, and your credability, just stop with this vein of hatred you seem to have.



With due respect you are a newbie, your enthusiasm has clouded your judgement. In time as with many others you will see how the industry is run and in time like many others your love for Nachi will wane when you see how things are operated.

William what is even more strange is that you allude to me being helpful but Mr. Farsetta has stated I am anything but.

Thanks for your advice, I will take it under advisement.


You should know about inspections, given your piss poor pathetic website. It looks like Wendys webpage. All bull**** and no substance.

Funny how my simple website brings me business isn’t it. I’m glad it irritates you.:roll:

Strange Michael considering you have no qualifications other than the canned hyped provided by NACHI you readily display on your site.

Boo Hoo Raymond.:roll:

Funny how Johnny Appleseed and Ray Wand have a certain bent for Michael’s website. The verbiage is pretty close, and the topic is dead on.

Careful Ray. Your rage is showing.

Billy… you’re a newbie. Now go sit in the corner (just kidding). Since yu aparently know nothing about the industry, Bill, you had better take Ray’s inflated advice. There are obviously sharks about and you need his protection. He wants to do your thinking for you. I thnk you’ve proven your saavy, education, and intelligence. You stand fine on your own.

Raymond; Unfortunately, sir, you have become a man without an island. Your rage and self pity has degraded your stature to that of a 3-year old stamping their feet.

It is far from warranted, and is definitely not dignified.

But many have come to expect nothing more, and nothing less. Go listen to the old Linda Ronstadt tune “Poor Poor Pitiful Me”

Joe get your story straight. Your private email had nothing to do with Nachi!
You got caught manipulating and lying to achieve your goals. You are a real winner Joe. What else have you fudged?

I love Pigmys!



Well, you get the idea. Off to an inspection. Have nice day fellas.


Make sure you take a flashlight I hear its pretty dark up the rectum of Joe F.

Can you block this moron again. I’m sure I’m not the only one that is tired of this crap. Thanks

Farsettas Non Nachi email3/13/08 6:51 AMa red box
I expected that. Hopefully someone can stop this useless piece of $hit’s postings and ban him for good.

Your right Ray almost a year in inachi, not the industry small difference i think.
I haven’t passed judgement Ray nor will I.
Just some friendly advice, this thread is going to end up being the legacy of Ray Wand and for all to see who and what you are going to be.

The tradgedy in this is that you really can be a great guy, and have loads of information and advice, but as of late what your toting and shouting …

Ray as I have said to you before, I wish you the best in what you do and where you go with this.

William I have no bones to pick with you. I do however have an issue when someone sends a private email and then uses his position within NACHI to suggest that I breached some Nachi protocol. Further it is very evident the ESOP has conspired to take a private email and lie about it being in breach of the NACHI forum rules. Its not my fault that the ESOP is ethically challenged.

Joe got caught throwing his weight around and now he is the one who has to do the explaining.

The proof is here for all to see.

Have a nice career.

Subject: Re: Sorry you are wrong
From: joe farsetta <jjf10965@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 14:05:58 -0800 (PST)
To: Raymond <rwand@rogers.com>

Line ***

Does this Email address look like it was sent through NACHI? You redneck Bubba.

Subject: Re: Sorry you are wrong
From: joe farsetta <jjf10965@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 14:05:58 -0800 (PST)
To: Raymond <rwand@rogers.com>