Faux Stone! The next EIFS!


Thanks Carl, great info. I remember the first time I saw it being installed, I was amazed the the mason started in the middle of the wall. I think everyone should go to a site where it is being installed and observe. 1 thing that concerns me, is how much weight is added to the structure when these stones become saturated. I have been doing a draw inspection on one, where they are not using any paper or house wrap at all, on the chimney chases, they will be completely rotted in no time.


Any pictures?

As for the weight it is alot. Most of the specs I have read on the installation call for 3.4 lath.

Most of it that I have seen installed is on 2.5 lath and some on 1.75 lath.

I will see if I can find them.

Carl… great info… thanks.

Nice Carl.

Another nightmare like the EIFS system.

Wonder how many jobs this applicator has done the same way.

Carl, in your opinion, who would be responsible for providing the proper rain screen, wind barrier, flashing of doors and windows, and whateverelse that pertains to protecting a wall system as shown in that link?

The faux stone contractor, the Builder, or a waterproofing Contractor?

Just curious, since I don’t see this stuff around here other than the EFIS once in awhile.


Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

It all starts with who ever is installing the sheathing ,flashing, windows and the first layer of moisture barrier.

My guess would be that the carpenters are at fault. And need to have more education.

But then one has to wonder where the codes officials are that are suppose to be doing inspections!

Counting their money.

Please do not get me started!!! :twisted:

Thanks Carl, good info.

Looks like alot of them now have 2.5 specs for lath!


Still a lot of weight!


I have issues with their video but they will not call me back!


But it is a start in the right direction!


Any luck with those pictures?

All the more reason for IR !!

Carl, could you share your issues with us on the video?

I am curious. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:


Before they put the weepscreed on there should be a strip of moisture barrier on. That covers the joint at the sillplate down over the foundation and is higher than the weepscreed.

As I watch the paper going on they put it on over the bottom nail fin of the window. Like tucking your rain coat into your britches.

Nothing is ever mentioned about the backer rod and sealant joint around the window.

Am I being to picky??

Carl, I watched the video again and did not see them install the felt paper over the window fin.

One can never be to picky when it comes to moisture and OSB.

I would go one step further and use a strip of vycor under the weep screed and wrap it under the exposed edge of the OSB.


Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Watch the video they never make it a pointe about the window. But for a second they show the wall with the window in it.


What if it had the gift wrapped vertical mulch on it?

I would go one step further and use a strip of vycor under the weep screed and wrap it under the exposed edge of the OSB.

That would help to!