Feathered Friends-NOT

Found these wise guys today…

Feathered Friend NOT .jpg

What suggestions do you have for keeping them away?
I know about the wire combs that you see on light poles and signs.

A carved wooden owl. Don’t laugh, it works.

It doesn’t have to be wooden. A cheap plastic one works, too, for woodpeckers.

chicken wire keeps them out too

12 guage pump possibly. Seriously though the owl thing does the trick.

Hey Richard, I was going to tell Scott to hire an Architect that knows what he is doing, but since your here, I guess I will tell Scott to hire a plumber and install a roof drain, ZURN maybe? ha. ha. :wink:

Recommend that a reputable Contractor repair this problem. Design deficiency.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

Wise guys and feathered friends…LOL

A couple rubber snakes??

I had brown-headed cow birds visiting every day. At about 5:30 AM the would just sit and bang on my living room window. I used hanging cd’s, rubber snakes, etc. The snakes did nothing.


Actually my pest control BNI associate said that baiting is the only way to get rid of em… Its keeping them away with wires or the equivalant that I need suggestions. i know its not my problem but just trying to be helpful…

Sure fired way to get rid of pigeons and keep them away.

Stephen, you funny…

Best stuff I have used is the black nylon netting they use on blueberry bushes. From about 5 feet away you can’t even see the stuff. Staple it up and they can’t get in so they move on.

Some clients in an upscale neighborhood use the stuff available at this site.

Thanx again Stephen…

Something sticky, spikes, net, and my favorite “Crazy Corn”.



Do you think the corn would hurt humans? :mrgreen:

I have a few I would like to try it on!:wink:

Tried it on inlaws to get them to leave, but they only got beligerent. Also, pooped in my planter.



Also, pooped in my planter.

Thats when the pellet gun comes in handy!

Wildlife problems vary.

Birds attack homes for the following reasons…

  • Mating- they’ll bang on anything, especially metal flues
  • Territory- (see above)
  • Food- conical holes in wood which has suffered from decay
  • Nesting- round holes which may be used by different species.
    They aren’t all woodpeckers. Nuthatches, Sapsuckers… many birds will attack homes.

A good recommendation is a nesting box of the proper configuration. CD’s, recordings, etc., typically don’t work in areas where birds are peristant.

Didn’t seem to have worked for the previous owner - last Friday’s attic had plenty of birds nests and around 20 of these: