Anyone have any ideas how to keep Pigeons away from this package AC unit, they have tried the Owls, poison corn, fencing, electrical deterrents, and everything else I have ever seen used but to know avail.

Anybody see anything recently which keeps these birds away from a property that actually works good?

My shot gun works pretty good Dale…of course there could be some additional issues depending on what kind of shot You are…jim


Moth balls lots of them in onion style bag hang them where you can or make a PVC pipe hanger.


WOW…I never heard of that one…thanks Curt, I will tell my client to give it a try.

Well I learned something today!!!

not much can stand moth balls. Did you like huggin grandma?

Seriously lots of them 2 boxes a bag 3 or 4 bags should do that spot. Keeps 'em out of the barn loft on the farm anyway.


Curt …I was told that moth balls was the cure for chip munks also , so when i found a spot where they had burrowed under a slab on grade home i owned i poured a whole box down the entrance…when i got home from work that day it looked like my front yard was decorated with moth balls…the little buggers had taken all of the moth balls and placed them all over the yard one by one…when i sold that house the chip munks still lived there…jim

We lived in a rural area when the kids were growing up. When they ran across the yard in rainy weather, the water would squirt out of the craw-dad ‘castles’.

I tried moth balls - went around the yard and shoved them down the ‘castles’. The next day the moth balls were all shoved out on top of the ground. !

Did not work for craw-dads.

Good luck !

LMAO :slight_smile:

Avitrol works well but it might not be allowed anymore.


I can see why. No one wants flocks of drug crazed, paranoid killer pigeons on the loose in their neighborhood. Next thing you know they will be traveling in packs, robbing other birds and wildlife, tipping over garbage cans, stealing cars and God knows what else, all in an effort to satisfy that craving for seeds, popcorn and other junk food. Before you know it they will crapping on everything in sight.:wink:

One hungry cat + a shot gun for the birds that get away from the cat. :slight_smile:

Remove the roosting areas or make then undesirable. Low voltage wiring specifically designed for pigeons has showed to work extremely well in major cities. They make special plastic strips some manufactures refer to as pigeon fencing. It looks like a bunch of pungie sticks going all different directions. Cover roosting area with that stuff. Sonic deterants work sometimes. They produce a low frequency that animals do not like. Only problem is that most pests get used to it after a while.

No one particular thing is gng to solve the problem. They have to come up with a good IPM program and stick to it.

Try this, ha. ha.

Pigeon control and pigeon removal are needed for a variety of reasons.

Pigeon problems start with pigeon droppings, which are unsightly, unappealing, and make walking surfaces slippery and dangerous.

Without **pigeon control **practices, pigeon droppings cause excessive damage to property, buildings, automobiles, and machinery; they deface and accelerate the destruction to buildings and kill vegetation.
Pigeon problems from droppings also cause an unpleasant odor and appearance for passing pedestrians and customers.

Economic losses due to pigeon control problems are significant, due to the need to clean droppings, repair damage, and to maintain safe working conditions. Feathers can plug ventilation units and can cause other associated pigeon problems including numerous health hazards.

Pigeon control and pigeon removal problems also affect factories. Pigeons have been known to entangle themselves in machinery, which halts operations and necessitates repairs.

They eat spillage, contaminate pallets of food, drugs or chemicals, and bombard aircraft and other durable goods with uric acidic excrement — all of which spoil inventory. They nibble at, or even tear out insulation. The corrosive effect of droppings causes irreversible damage.

The following is a sampling of pigeon deterrents and pigeon repellent products. Call New Pig today at 1-800-HOT-HOGS® (468-4647) and speak to a knowledgeable representative or click here](http://www.newpig.com/en_US/st/Pigeon_Control.html) to view our entire line of pigeon control products.
Terror-Eyes ](http://www.newpig.com/en_US/main.jhtml?productId=PLS802&ppanalysis=IPC00&page=browse/pp.jhtml&email=us)
Inflatable “predator” scares birds away.

  • http://www.pigeon-control.net/images/PLS802A1W.jpgHuge 2’ orange ball with menacing 3-D “moving eyes” on front and back — “predator” scares birds away!

  • Heavy-duty vinyl construction — stands up to outdoor use

  • Hanging spring included — air currents create the illusion of an active predator

  • Inflates with any standard hand or foot pump — no special tools needed
    Bird Repellent Spikes](http://www.newpig.com/en_US/main.jhtml?productId=PLS798&ppanalysis=IPC00&page=browse/pp.jhtml&email=us)
    Create an unobtrusive “no landing zone” for birds with non-lethal translucent spikes.

  • http://www.pigeon-control.net/images/PLS798A1W.jpg 12" interlocking strips mount with adhesive (PLS801, sold separately) on flat, curved or irregular surfaces

  • Maintenance-free polycarbonate — won’t rust or deteriorate

  • Impenetrable clear spikes are nearly invisible — won’t detract from building’s appearance; non-lethal to birds
    Bird-Proof Bird Repellent](http://www.newpig.com/en_US/main.jhtml?productId=PLS795&ppanalysis=IPC00&page=browse/pp.jhtml&email=us)
    Prevent birds from roosting without detracting from your building’s appearance!

  • http://www.pigeon-control.net/images/PLS795W.jpgTransparent, non-toxic, thick and sticky — makes surface tacky and uncomfortable for birds; they seek other landing areas

  • All-weather formula — use indoors or out; won’t hurt structural surfaces

  • Gel cartridge can be applied with a standard caulk gun

  • Liquid can be applied with any standard hand or power sprayer
    QB-4 Ultrasonic Bird Repeller](http://www.newpig.com/en_US/main.jhtml?productId=PLS797&ppanalysis=IPC00&page=browse/pp.jhtml&email=us)
    Ultrasonic Bird Repeller drives birds out of enclosed spaces!

  • http://www.pigeon-control.net/images/PLS797A1W.jpg Unit produces harsh, but harmless, high-frequency sound waves — targets birds, but sound is above human hearing range

  • Adjustable variations in pitch and sequencing keeps birds “guessing” — birds don’t get used to sound pattern

  • Four powerful speakers provide 360 degree coverage — creates a 90’ zone around unit
    Pigeon removal and** pigeon control** is challenging work. Traditionally, it is harder to get rid of pigeons than other birds due to their sheer numbers and strong nesting instincts. Therefore, it is important to remove all existing nests and nesting materials at the start of your** pigeon control **program. Also, a combination of the above pigeon deterrents from New Pig is usually required to eliminate pigeons once and for all.
    Pigeon control starts with pigeon deterrents and leads to pigeon removal!
    Call New Pig today at 1-800-HOT-HOGS® (468-4647) and speak to a knowledgeable representative or click here](http://www.newpig.com/en_US/st/Pigeon_Control.html) to view our entire line of pigeon removal products.

Pigeon control and pigeon removal is vital for health reasons! **
Pigeon control and pigeon removal becomes serious business when you consider the numerous diseases that can be transmitted to humans, pets and livestock. Pigeon droppings harbor dangerous fungi and airborne spores, which, if disturbed and inhaled, can cause serious illness. Transmittable diseases associated with pigeons include histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, pigeon ornithosis, encephalitis, and salmonellas. Pigeons can host numerous ectoparasites as well, such as ticks, flies, fleas, mites and biting lice, which infest buildings and bite humans and pets.
Pigeon control methods
There are prudent steps your employees and staff can take immediately to begin initiating pigeon control techniques. These steps may not get rid of pigeons or eliminate pigeons altogether, nor are we trying to write a “How to Get Rid of Pigeons for Dummies” book. We’re just offering some simple precautions that will get you started with pigeon control and
pigeon removal**.

  • Don’t feed Wild Pigeons

People who leave food for pigeons are putting their health and the health of others at risk. Pigeons will naturally find their own food. Plus, once they are fed they will instinctively come back to the same spot again looking for more food…and bring their friends! Leaving food may also attract rats and mice to the area, giving you more than just pigeon removal problems.

  • Don’t drop litter

Improperly disposed litter, especially in the form of fast-food, is the major food source for most pigeons. To help get rid of pigeons, please ensure litter is placed in a bin.

  • Make sure garbage is disposed of properly

http://www.pigeon-control.net/images/PLS795W.jpg Make sure your garbage is stored in a covered bin and regularly collected. Failure to do so will provide food for pigeons as well as rats and mice.

  • Protect buildings

New Pig products expressly made for pigeon control and pigeon removal, such as Bird-Proof Bird Repellant](http://www.newpig.com/en_US/main.jhtml?productId=PLS795&ppanalysis=IPC00&page=browse/pp.jhtml&email=us) and Bird Repellant Spikes, are effective ways to prevent nesting and protect buildings from roosting pigeons.

**How to Get Rid of Pigeons in Unwanted Areas **
(but first, let’s get to know your pigeons!)
The pigeon is first on the list of problematic birds in the United States. Originally introduced in this country as pets, pigeons quickly adapted to our environment and decided to stick around and multiply. In the years since their introduction, they have flourished in numbers, causing major pigeon control and pigeon removal problems for businesses, airports, historical landmarks, schools, stadiums and any place with adequate food and shelter.
The pigeon’s natural diet is primarily made up of grains, with some occasional fruit. This basic diet has changed, however, as the birds learned to live in our neighborhoods and cities. It is not uncommon to see flocks of pigeons walking through the parking lots of shopping centers and fast-food restaurants, looking for handouts or scraps of food dropped by humans.
Pigeons live in communal flocks. These flocks generally feed and roost together, and enjoy companionship. Pigeons usually mate for life. Pigeons in the wild may live up to 10 or 15 years, but in urban areas that number is reduced to about 3-1/2 to 5 years.
Most **pigeon problems **occur where birds rest and feed. It is in these areas that you will need to use pigeon deterrents. Pigeon control and pigeon removal techniques can involve the use of visual scare devices, roost inhibitors, pigeon repellent and inaudible or ultrasonic devices.
Let IRRI-TAPE™](http://www.newpig.com/en_US/main.jhtml?productId=PLS803&ppanalysis=IPC00&page=browse/pp.jhtml&email=us) and Mother Nature take care of your bird infestations.

  • http://www.pigeon-control.net/images/PLS803A1W.jpgIridescent foil tape “flashes” in the wind, reflects light and creates a metallic noise — produces an unsettling danger signal to birds
  • Holographically imprinted — resembles eyes of owls, the natural enemy of most birds
    *]Includes eight wire supports — suspend tape above roosting areas
    Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

They definitely work for raccoons. I’ve used them with immediate success.

From the University of Nebraska Wildlife Control program


I do not like pigeons

Pigeons truly create many of the problems, they are very irritating and create many of the problems along with the diseases and create dirtiness all around.

One of these should solve your problem.

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Iron Mike said that the bully picked up the pigeon and killed it with his own hands.
"The guy ripped the head off my pigeon. This was the first thing I ever loved in my life, the pigeon.

"That was the first time I threw a punch. I have loved pigeons since I was nine. They were my escape.

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