Fed Ex SCAM email

I have been getting these. I just found out they are not real if you get do not click link and delete. I did not fall for it but do not want any of you to either.


Customer service said they never use the word parcel :slight_smile:


Monday, 4 January
2013, 09:42 AM

Your parcel has arrived
at February 8.Courier
was unable to deliver the
parcel to you at 8 Febr
uary 06:33 PM.
To receive your parcel,
please, print this receipt
and go to the nearest office.
Print Receipt

Best Regards, The FedEx Team.

FedEx 1995-2013 **

I just have gotten the same wtf

virus at link or something. I have gotten 3 or 4 lately. I always get emails from folks that I know and just a link likely the same type of stuff.

Maybe Dom or someone could shed some light on what they are and why they happen.

I think a lot of it comes from facebook users. I get a email from an address I know and “sometimes” it says something brief like I just found this check it out or some other crap.

I got something like this about a year ago, supposedly for USPS. It indicated if I did not pick it up by printing the linked receipt, I would be charged return shipping of $12 or something.

Ironically, I was expecting a package and it was due to arrive anytime.
As soon as I clicked the link, I realized I had royally f**ked up!

For one thing, it dawned on me later, USPS does not have my email address!

For another, the USPS is in the business of delivering mail, not sending Email! (duh)

It cost me $200 to get my computer fixed. Nasty trojan virus.

Some people live and learn, some people just live :wink:

I learned an expensive lesson on that one!

That is why they target small businessmen. We are always expecting something.

Does anyone know if Norton 360, Windows security etc… stops it or not?

I have Norton 360 and I still get the FedEx and UPS scams. It’s not the e-mail, it’s the attachments that have the virus. Got one about a month ago from Google, saying I won $1.9 British UK Pounds for being such a faithful customer ! Whoo Haaa, I can retire now. :smiley:

I understand that but if you click on the link are you still protected with something like windows security or Norton 360. I have 2 or 3 computers with norton and one with windows security which is free.

If you open the link, you’re screwed. See Michael Clark’s post.

Glad i have been smart enough so far not to try. I thought that norton protected me from that crap. :frowning:

You can usually tell, besides the poor spelling and grammar on most of them, by looking at the e mail address. It is usually missing one letter.

Interesting how the email was dated in January and the package was delivered in February! :wink:

Google “UPS email scams” or “Fedex email scams” and you’ll see examples of fraudulent emails. (viruses) Probably see exactly word-for-word the e-mail you received.

Yeah and the format was ridiculous. Very similar to how I posted it. When I tried to copy and past it it came up like you would expect it to.

I just about opened an attachment for FEDEX. Looked very real.

Glad you did not. Was it because of my post you did not?

Got it in my spam folder from: Manager Samuel Cummings <client@stockton.us>
FedEx uses a .com., and their name!