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Jeff, please post documentation stating the buss bars on per 1987 FP panels are a hazard. I never seen or heard that before.

Not sure which Jeff you’re referring to, but there is no such documentation - not from a reliable authority anyway…

So the FPE argument has been going on for years and I think each of us has our own way of handling it.

This is an article published by Douglas Hanson of code check.


This is a report and publication by Jesse Aronstein, Ph.D., P.E.
Life Senior Member, IEEE


Many newer inspectors may have never seen these.

As I tell my clients, "Always make informed decisions.

Here is links to local news reports about Federal pacific panels.



My Cuttler-Hammer service panel lost five breakers all at once. Two 240v circuits went single phase. The kitchen range burners didn’t work, but the display lights did.

The panel sounded like a popcorn machine.

Should we add CH to this list of inferior equipment?
How should I report this?
Is this an emergency?
My neighbors electrician (who lost their whole panel) said it was from military helicopters flying too low over the house…

A CH panel is a similar design as a FPE. Loose breakers are common and fall out when you move the cover.

Should we add this to the list, or should we address low flying military aircraft and let it slide?

I have never seen another brand of breaker that had the same bus clip arrangement as a FPE Stab-lok. I have also never seen a loose breaker on a Cutler-Hammer.

Sounds like it is the helicopters.

I think so too!


Fake news :mrgreen:

The service to almost all single family dwellings is all single phase. Only in an apartment or a large condo would I expect the possibility of polyphase.

Sounds more like a service issue.