FetchReport by InterNACHI®

Ben Gromicko explains how to successfully use FetchReport.

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Ben @bgromicko1 You did well. Great Job my friend. I think I’d like to “OPT IN” to the Fetch Report for my client(s) confidentiality. Even after 12 years as a Proud InterNACHI member, I still love InterNACHI more and more everyday. You have grown into a fine Instructor. My daughter “Autumn Rain” enjoyed you teaching the Code Inspector Course. My entire family loves you man. I would like to see the funny side of Benjamin Gromicko. How 'bout you presenting a course by telling a joke? You do a great job and always have but so many people today (including inspectors) are so uptight man. Ive got an idea … How 'bout before y’all get that Real Estate Organization going, tell us inspectors a really, really funny joke about Real Estate Agents.

Class, I’d like to welcome Y’all to another episode of Ben’s Breaking the Ice. Did Y’all see the last house that the blind real estate agent sold? He didn’t either.

Or … what 'bout the blonde who was on the roof
Ha,ha,ha,haha I can’t stop laughing. How do you get a blonde on the roof? Ya tell her drinks are on the house.

Tune in next week for another episode of Laugh with Ben.

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AJ @avega5

I don’t know why every remaining member of ASHI hasn’t switched over to being an InterNACHI member yet. Y’all put out the best training video’s and have the best resources for Home Inspectors. The entire staff at InterNACHI is great. Every single staff member. I’d just like to say Thank Y’all.

So what’s the difference between me emailing the client their report, and the client getting it through Fetch? I am new to Fetch, have not heard of it.

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Good question, @dtews . And I recommend just trying it out and see for yourself. But to answer your question, there are features about FetchReport that are not available using email. And those features are shown in the video at FetchReport by InterNACHI®. - YouTube.

That should tell you something. It’s been around for about 15 years. Every five years or so it gets brought back to life.

I used it for years.

Back in the day when email had limited capacity for many clients, and PDF was not used so much, FetchReport could handle a report with lots of pictures. You could also track who and when someone opened the report, always nice to know.

It was great to be able to control who “you” allowed to look at the report. If someone else got their hands on it, you know where it came from.