FetchReport.com Updates

Hey folks,

I’ve been busy tweaking the back-end of FetchReport.com. Along with a number performance updates, Internet Explorer users should be able to see the upload progress bar now. There are a few issues that I’m still working on, but I think everything that has been brought to my attention will be fixed up by mid next week.

To those of you who have had trouble signing up–I should have a fix done by tomorrow. Sorry about the inconvenience.

I’ll post more updates later.


Please note that while I’m working on the system you might notice some bugs. If you get an error just wait 5 minutes and then check again. Any clients using the system shouldn’t see any of these bugs.


OK–those who were having trouble with signing up should be able to get in no problem. Let me know if you continue to have trouble.

I am having a glitch with fetchreport…I cannot get in to upload reports…I enter my email and password and it sends me to to the download window to download the last report I uploaded.

I’m also having the same problem as Mike.

me too now…

Can’t get to the upload area.

i’ve got issues too.


Give it a shot now, guys. Sorry about that.

The system appears to be down again. Anyone else having problems?

I get an error message.

Sorry, there was an unexpected error in the system. Our IT staff has been e-mailed and we will fix the problem as soon as possible.



I received the error message, and it looks like your IP address changed since you first logged in. The system is built to error in this scenario (for security reasons) but doesn’t give a very good error message. I’m going to look into a little more and should have it fixed up in a bit.


As I am on dialup until I move(soon) I imagine my IP is not static. Correct?

Just worked great for my uploads today…
Thanks Chris…

Someone buy that man a beer!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

It works for me again.
Thanks Chris.

Thanks Chris, I’m back in the clover again.

Alright–the IP address issue should be fixed now. If there’s an IP mismatch it’ll just ask for your password again to be extra safe. It shouldn’t happen often.


Super. Thanks Chris.

I’m having trouble just trying to log in to fetchreport. Iv’e tried my username and password numerous times but no luck. Any thoughts?

Have you registered at http://www.fetchreport.com/nachi first?