The Time has Come: Help Us Make a FetchReport Wishlist

Hi folks!

Chris and I have been talking for a while about a complete rebuild of FetchReport, and we’ve decided that now is the time to start working on it. The final launch will probably be six months down the road, but here are some of our ideas:

  • More integration with the Online Agreement System
  • Better integration with different platforms and devices
  • Address books to store commonly-used email addresses
  • Better user management for agents and home buyers
  • Better searching and organization of old reports
  • The ability to accept payment before releasing the report
  • Better uploading capabilities for Windows users

What else do you want for features in a brand-new FetchReport? Let me know!


OK, so on an occasion I make a boo boo and need to make a correction and reupload the report. So can it be made to Override an existing file with a new version of the same name file with out having to delete it and start all over?