FHA Certifications

Ok, I need some help here. I live in Lancaster Ohio and I am trying to find out where I can get my training to get FHA certified for FHA inspections. Any help in this quest would greatly be appreciated. May you have many happy inspections.

Only training I know of is offered in DC. However, since it technically is not available to you, they don’t require it. Just fill out your application and send it in. (Read the documents listed on the application for your training.)

I just forwarded you an email they send out on a weekly basis. Good info. You can sign up to get those notifications.

I’m already on their list. If you actually read the training that they offer, it is exclusively for the mortgage lender, escrow agent, or occasionally for the appraiser (not often), but never for an inspector. At least not since I’ve been doing these.

Thanks guys for the information. Thanks Linas for the information. Not really sure which training I will need? I had a couple agents ask me if I was a fha home inspector for the loan side… And it really sucks that I will have to travel to get it.

I know you’re on the list Mo Mark, I sent it to the other Oh Mark.:stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I’m saying… You don’t have to travel to get it. You just have to agree to get it if it becomes available. That means, unless it is relatively close to you, you don’t need it. I do HUD final inspections all the time, and have never had the training. I’d be happy to take it, but for a $100 a pop on the inspections, it would take a long time to pay for a plane ride.

Doohhh… :oops:

what documentation do I need to show to the agents? And are the fees any different then we charge for a full home inspection? Do you have a weblink that I can go to and fill out a application? Thanks for all of the help.

Get the form here bottom of the page. FEE INSPECTOR APP

Did you try the link? I keep getting a back link message?

If it works for you, could you email me the page? thanks


Don’t worry about “agents” they think and talk big. If they have a client that is purchasing a used house and they want a “hud” inspection, just do your regular home inspection and don’t worry about. There is no such thing as a “hud” inspection that an agent would be concerned with. Charge your regular rate…

The lender may require a “hud inspection” along with their appraisal. You will never see this. Appraisers do these.

What you will get is calls from lenders asking you to perform a “final” inspection for them. This is on HUD 92051 form. Just ask them what they need finalized and then do it. Normally it is for new construction confirming the home is complete. Occassionally you will need to do these for seed/sod completion as well (I love these, they have you go out once before closing to confirm all is well except seed and sod. They escrow for it, then after closing they have you go back out to confirm that seed/sod is completed. $100 a pop easy peasy lemon squeezie.)

The toughest ones are when the hud appraiser has called out a defect that they have had “fixed”. Perhaps broken plumbing. That can sometimes end up being a full single component inspection. But I’ve only had two of those in the year I’ve been doing these.

Always ask for a copy of the appraisal. It will have most of the info you need for the form. It will also have any defects listed that the appraisal is contingent upon for completion. (ie. seed/sod, plumbing fixtures, appliances, etc.)

easy peasy lemon sqeazy! LOL aint heard that in a coons age

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Linas, and Mark,
I wanted to thanks both of you for your help in getting my HUD certification. I found out today that I am now a active HUD inspector #Q841. Thanks again, and may you have many happy inspections

Congrats Mark…

I just wish I could get this one particular lender to leave me alone about giving her escrow amounts…:roll:

I did my second one on New Years Eve for Bank of America. Hope to get more. They pay in 5-7 days. First on for STARS took a month to get paid.

I was real lucky. The agency that requested the HUD inspection was a real help when it came to the inspection. She had me call her when I go there and she told me exactly what photos that they needed, and what safety items that they were looking for… Went great and I will have more work from them soon. Thanks again guys for all of your help.