FHA compliance inspections

I have recently been certified to perform FHA compliance inspections. Looking to find out how I can get work doing this type of inspection. Thanks

Who “certified” you, and where did ‘they’ tell you to search?

HUD. What I am looking for is for anyone out there doing this type of work and what they do to market themselves? Any help would be appreciated. Tough to find information in the Mortgagee letters.

How long did it take to get hud certified? And how much did it cost?

An FHA inspection is like any other inspection.
However, A HUD REACT/TAC inspection is a whole different animal.

Thus the basis for my question above.

A compliance inspection is just following the HUD rules, which was in the publications provided by HUD.
You need to go around and talk to lenders to get work. Most of mine are lenders of manufactured homes. Appraisers are allowed to perform most of the other types of fee inspections.

Not HUD!


Most of mine are lenders of manufactured homes.

Yes on the first one , but hell no one the second one.
I’ve been a REAC/TAC inspector and that is all different.
This one lets me know you don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about…Really a friggin’ Appraiser…Huh? Wake up!

  1. Compliance Inspection Report (CIR - Form HUD-92051): A CIR,** prepared by an appraiser or inspector**, certifies that the repairs have been completed satisfactorily. For inspections that require architectural expertise (structural or system repairs), an FHA fee inspector must complete Form HUD-92051. In addition, a professionally and/or appropriately licensed, bonded, registered engineer, or home inspector or tradesperson (as applicable), can provide documentation to support that the deficiencies have been corrected.
    An** FHA-approved inspector** list is available via FHA Connection located at https://entp.hud.gov/clas/

$0. Just had to submit a resume and qualifications to HUD. HUD.gov look at Mortgagee letter 2004-29

Thank you Chris and Jim. I have that information already but still much appreciated. I was looking to see how other people got business with this type of work. Does anyone know anybody that performs these compliance inspections that would be receptive to a phone call? Thanks!

HUD compliance inspector since 1993 +/-.

Form 92051 is whats used for compliance inspections.

Get FHA lender lists and call, write OR email them. That’s who calls us.

Thank you Dan! Any help where to get that list of FHA lenders?

REA’s in you area, yellow pages, the internet and on HUD’s web site.

Are you reading this quoted post? Who does not know what he is talking about?

You need to show us more experienced inspectors some respect. I started out performing inspections for lenders probably before you even thought about being an inspector.

Thanks for taking the time to correct Lewis.