Photo pages on 4 point form

Can somebody add two more photo pages to my 4-point form. I have been coming up one photo short. I can only place 30 photos. 4 point I did this afternoon 31 photos. The file is too large to attach here. I’ll email it to anyone who will help. Your welcome to use the form if you take my information off of there. I don’t have Adobe lifecycle.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Shawn, I should be able to help you out. Sent it to me at


Thanks Clayton, I sent it to you.


I’d like to take a look at the for you are using - Would you mind sending me a copy?

Jared, I sent it to you thanks for helping out:D

Is it a form you can fill electronically on site? If so I’d like to see it too:D

It is like John S forms, you can fill out on your mobile device with a PDF reader. Roy L, made it for me, I just need two more photo pages on it. I don’t have Adobe Livecycle, so if you want my form you have to take my info out of it.

Shawn, can you also insert photos with that form on the mobile device?

Yes I can, I use Camera ICS+

Let me see if I can add the extra photo pages to your template. Email me

Sent it to you, Thanks again:D

What mobile device are you using Shawn? Phone or tablet?



Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Nice. And the program from the playstore actually slots the pictures once you take them?


Yea, John S recommend the ICS camera app, I take the picture and goes right in to the slot, Love it:D

What pdf reader app are you using to fill in the forms? I can only think of one that reads a static XML pdf. I still can’t find one that will open a dynamic XML pdf.

Paid version of QPDF Note reader. .99 cents in the playstore. John S, Recommended it.

QPDF on Android and PDF Expert on iphone, using Camera ICS+