Finally... My new truck logos

These were supposed to be ready 4 weeks ago, but each time I went down there, another excuse. Anyway, they are done now. Now I have to figure out why my ladder rack is on back order?

Looks good.

Great job done ,so let us know if it adds business

This is one of the aspects that I don’t think you can actually determine “How many” inspections one gets. I bet his revenue increases over the year. How many pople will from the car driving by? I would bet not many DIRECT inspections, but numbers of indirect inspections.

What he has done is elevated his appearance to the client that this guy has a dedicated vehicle to Home Inspections, has lettered it professionally and it is aesathetically pleasing. How can you “count” that?

Maybe people will see him about town and his name will get more and more recognized.

I will say it again and again…there is no magic to marketing. Its a series of pieces put together to complete the puzzle and I think this is one important piece…congrats on a job well done…

Good points Russ. There’s certainly something to be said to “I know that name”

Very Nice!!
Good little vans for the job,

but you aint seen nothing yet! :wink:

Waiting for the rest of my stuff to come in.

Nice work!

You are forgeting he has something you do not: Logos on his van.:mrgreen:

Didn’t know I was comparing anything of his to mine. His van looks awesome and congrats on a job well done.

Eric that is very sweet looking…Great job bro.


Very nice Eric. Hope you enjoyed the meeting in Sarasota today.

Thanks everyone. As Russell stated, whether it gets me more new work, maybe. But when I arrive to do the job I will look a little more professional, and you know that tired old expression… “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

I didn’t make the meeting in Sarasota, but I did do an inspection Saturday. I’m hoping to get a meeting a little more north, or at least within a 2 hour drive. I will be at the big one in Vegas in October.

The only thing I worry about is my road rage. Have to be good with the logos. Without them I can flip you the bird all I want.

Yes, road rage, speeding driving like an ***** all that good stuff, you must now drive like the professional that you are.

Hey Jeff…

I understand in Chicago (and many other cities) there are restrictions on some roads, such as Lake Shore Dr., on commercial vehicles…

Question: If I, for example, were to visit Chicago driving my vehicle with the door/window logo’s and no commercial plates (not required in MN for my situation) am I considered to be driving a commercial vehicle, thus subject to the commercial restrictions? (In your opinion of course).


very nice