Best Home Inspection Van

(Greg Bell, Sr CMI) #1

The van wrap is complete. I think Bluetail Graphics did a great job!!

(Ian W. Mayer, CMI) #2

Very nice!!!


(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #3

Looks great!

(Robert W. Newland, JR.) #4


(Kenneth Ellison) #5

Agree very nice !!

(Timothy A. Pope, TREC #7494) #6

Looks awesome. Nice logo too.

(James F. McKee) #7

sweet !

(Terrence Dennison) #8

looks really Nice!
Where will you put the ladders? On the roof? inside?
How’s gas milage?

(Greg Bell, Sr CMI) #9

Thank you.

The ladder is inside for now. I will be adding a ladder rack shortly.

I am getting over 29 so far.

(Marc A. Goldenberg, Inspector Lic # HI1365 Mold Assessor Lic #1) #10

There is one word that came to mind when I saw the pics

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #11

Shweeet! Nice looking van Greg!

(Bert Hull, TN #1162, KY #194267) #12

looks great.

(James Fletcher) #13

very good looking. no nonsense eyes directly catch the logo and home inspection. well done!

(Darrell Clegg, CMI) #14

Very cool!

(Jeffrey M. Robbins) #15

Nice van wrap, do you mind if I ask what that cost you?

(Greg Bell, Sr CMI) #16

I was wondering when someone was going to ask that. The wrap was $1775 and $200 for the logo.

(Mike Auger) #17

Im thinking my next vehicle will be a van of some sort, as long as it has 4wd.

(Mark A. Timpani, CMI) #18

very nice

(Scott Frakes, CMI) #19

Very professional. Easy to ready information.

(Michael Rosato) #20

Very nice!