Does anyone know what to do about fingerprinting for Florida license?

Read the application.

Just an FYI.

I see from your website that you offer radon testing, but you don’t have your certification number listed. You do know that you need to be certified by the state to offer this service for a fee.


A couple years ago I sent the FL DOH a list of 102 inspectors doing radon testing without being certified. They won’t do anything about it.
If you have a certification, they try to enforce some of the rules sometimes for those people…

Many home inspector even get “certified” as tech then produce their own tests without having a Radon Measurement business: Measurement Tech only places and picks up test, results come from Certified Radon Measurement business.

Radon rules in Florida is a joke, just my opinion after 13,000 radon tests.

Really a shame the DBPR doesn’t handle radon.

If you don’t get punished, why not do them: after all look how many still offer mold without a license.

**6. Do I currently need a license to perform mold-related services (assessment or remediation)? **
[FONT=Arial]A license will be required after July 1, 2010; however, Florida Statutes provide that unlicensed activity will not be enforced until July 2011.[/FONT]

PS we are hiring in Southwest Florida.

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