FL HI's who offer but don't perform radon testing should list cert #'s on website.

Florida Statute 404.056 is the law behind the Florida Radon Program. It has six sections describing: 1) Public health standards related to radon exposure, 2) Certification of businesses and individuals who provide radon services, 3) The role of the Department of Health in educating Floridians about radon, 4) Identification of facilities that shall test for radon, 5) Radon gas awareness notifications in all real estate sales and leases, 6) Authority vested in the Department of Health to define sections 1-5.

Florida Administrative Code 64E-5 Parts X and XII describes the Department’s program and explains the radon certification requirements. Included in the code are the following statements under Section 64E-5.1203, General Provisions.

(1) Beginning January 1, 1989, no person may test for or mitigate the presence of radon in Florida for a fee or other remuneration unless such person has been certified and works for a certified business. These regulations in no way exempt any person from other state and local occupational licensure requirements.

(2) The certification requirements does not apply to a commercial business that subcontracts radon measurements or other radon related services to a certified radon business when the complete radon report from the certified radon business is provided to the customer and interpretations of the results are provided by the certified radon business.

Certified radon measurement or mitigation professionals who are not directly employed by certified radon measurement businesses, MUST include the names and certification numbers of the business acting as their certified businesses.

Although there are no specific requirements for home inspectors who sub-contract their radon services to certified businesses, the department encourages those inspectors to clearly state that radon services are subcontracted to a certified radon business or that the home inspector become a radon certified professional. A listing of the names and certification numbers of the subcontracted businesses may be listed in any radon advertising and is encouraged by the department. Such listing will avoid investigation by the department of the subcontracting business for uncertified radon activities.

Any questions regarding the Florida radon program, its regulations or any other radon related issues should be directed to the Department of Health.

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