Fire Doors / tags

Looking for information on Fire Rating tags on service doors…

James, start with this and see if it helps, if not let me know so I can assist.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I am a member of NFPA . what exactly are you looking for? the tag itself? or what rating the firedoor should have in that fire wall or smoke wall?

Notes on Fire Door Requirements

  1. Fire rated door assemblies require a labeled door, a labeled frame, a listed lock device, listed closing device, and steel bearing hinges. Non-steel bearing hinges are acceptable as tested on listed assemblies.

  2. In general, the required hourly rating of the door assembly is 3/4 of the hourly rating of the wall it is being installed into.

  3. The minimum rating of any component in the assembly determines the achieved rating as the assembly: a 1 1/2 hour door installed into a 20-minute frame results in a 20-minute assembly.

  4. Subdivision of non-rated components or devices in the door assembly can only result in a reduction in or a voiding of the overall fire protection rating.

  5. Most fire door installations are governed by NFPA 80- Fire Doors and Windows.