Fire Extinguisher Inspection

As a studying potential inspector I read the following section and wondered if it applied to all inspection or just commercial? Is struck me as a commercial inspection guideline. Is that correct? It could be difficult/invasive to locate extinguishers in a private residence, no?

Thank you for any guidance.

Inspection of Extinguishers

InterNACHI inspectors should:

  • check that a portable fire extinguisher exists within a 30-foot travel distance of commercial-type cooking equipment that uses cooking oil or animal fat;
  • check that a portable fire extinguisher is within 75 feet of travel on every floor;
  • check for the presence of portable extinguishers, and determine that they are located in conspicuous and readily available locations immediately available for use, and not obscured from view;
  • confirm that access to extinguishers is not obstructed;
  • make sure that the hose (if so equipped) is intact and not obstructed;
  • make sure the pressure dial reads in the green or “charged” area. It should also be clear and readable;
  • check that the pull pin is securely fastened within the handle and held in place by the anti-tamper seal;
  • check for visible dents or cracks in the extinguisher’s canister;
  • check that the extinguisher is in its proper location and mounted correctly;
  • check for modifications that might reduce the extinguisher’s functionality; and
  • make sure that the fire extinguisher has a label and that it is legible.

That would be a commercial application. Not for a residence.

I would say it is for commercial and if I did see an extinguisher in a residence I would look at it and note the expiration date and comment if needed. JMO

@dcossar1 I can’t be talking to my wife, I see, while trying to answer a question. LOL

Thank you very much