Fire restoration

I was researching fire restoration. Do you have a resource you recommend for what to look for? A NACHI or power point/Pdf?

Thank you.

This is a broad subject. I do fire damage assessments for insurance companies, and the field can’t be boiled down to a single pdf file. It took me years to develop the experience and skills to do this effectively, including workshops and seminars.

Yes, it is, maybe NACHI should do some basic training material for it? I may send them a note. That’s all the more reason for this type of material. I’m not looking to become an engineer or specialist in the field. But having a basic here’s what to look for will help me get them to the right people.

I was in a burned attic not long ago, it was obvious the restoration was done poorly. So, I pointed out a few obvious things and referred them to a qualified contractor. Having a basic training would make it better to say, here’s x, y and z based on this. NACHI seems to be pretty good about it.

Thank you!

Good thinking.

Thank you for taking note.