Fireplace insert, Gas Valve

Hi All. The house is a well kept 1962 build. Both original wood fireplaces have been updated with a good quality gas fireplace insert. The installation looks well done as a pro would do it. But, I couldn’t locate a gas valve in the room with either fireplace. There is the valve inside the fireplace before the FAC to the automatic valve but no keyed valve like you’d expect in the room where it can be easily accessed.
Code check provides the following:

  • Valve within 6 ft. of appliance & in same room EXC __ [2420.5.1] {1212.5}|
  • EXC • Valve can be at manifold within 50 ft. of appliance _ [2420.5.3]14 {Ø}|
    That exception basically negates the whole concept of within 6 feet and the same room so why does that language even exist?
    Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

The older code allowed remote shutoff valve (not within 6 feet or same room) for vented decorative appliance, but not the current code, however, read the whole code. BTW, the manifold does not apply in your case.: